Acapulco Chair : All Weather Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

colorful acapulco chair next to the swimming pool

Acapulco Chair is an all-weather outdoor wicker patio furniture. Acapulco is a city in a Guerrero state of Mexico. Originated from this Mexican town, The Acapulco chair is hand main and has a retro effect back to the 1950s. It is made from colorful plastic to allow flexibility for the best comfort of the person sits on it.

The history of how the design comes about is explained herein. Back in the 1950s, a French man visited the town of Acapulco. One day when he visited a local beach, someone handed him a solidly-constructed chair. The next day his butt so ached that he decided enough is enough. He then decided to develop this flexible comfortable chair based on the open string construction of traditional Mayan hammocks nearby. Whether this is true to just a legend, Acapulco Chair is still being used until today.

acapulco chair

While this post is reserved for an outdoor all-weather Acapulco chair, this furniture can be also used indoor, like some photos shown here. In fact, there are many Asian hotels in Indonesia or Singapore have installed these chairs as part of the integral interior design.

colorful acapulco chair next to the swimming pool

acapulco chair on a wooden patio
colorful acapulco lounge chairs in a classic warehouse

mexican acapulco chair in a warehouse

This funky chair is made for both indoor and outdoor. Given its bright multi-color, one can expect to see it used mostly outdoor and hence it is named as an outdoor wicker patio furniture. See more photos to understand why.

outdoor acapulco chairs with a dog

zen garden with acapulco chairs in a quiet garden
The bright design of an Acapulco chair is so contrasted in this Zen Garden and Yet it makes such a harmonious garden. A very good place to read an English roman.

Is Acapulco chair comfortable?

Yes! designed more than 70 years ago, little has been changed. The construction of this chair is based on solid steel with flexible plastic hand weaved to make it so comfortable. There is no secret that it is a very comfortable chair!

red acapulco chairs in a boutique hotel in Mexico

Where to find a cheap Acapulco chair?

The next question is where can you can buy this? The answer is really depending on whether you want the original produced in Mexico or you want a replica version of the same design? Regardless of the answer, I suggest you have a look at Amazon by clicking here which there is a large selection for you to choose from.



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  1. I absolutely love these chairs! There was one at the studio when I got my headshots done and I’ve wanted one ever since.

  2. these look beautiful and colorful.. wicker chairs are a tradition in india too though the material used is different.. i am going to check where i can buy them here in the bay area for our yard

  3. A boho chic dream girl chair for a woman like me! I went to Playa De Carmen in February and a home I visited had these chairs so I can see how these originated in Mexico.

  4. It is funny my daughter was just asking for this chair for her room because we want to redecorate it. They are so fun and funky.

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