36 sausage dog wall stickers that warm up your home

36 cute sausage dog wall sticker

Any sausage dog lovers here? You will love this post as i dedicated this space just for you with 36 beautiful wall decal that you can put up on your living room wall. Unlike these large button placed on the wall, these decals are very subtle as they provide an illusion that these sausage dogs are embedded or painted directly on the wall.

black and white sausage dog
two set of black and white sausage dog wall sticker for entrance hall
A large vinyl wall sticker with the shape of a limousine dog

black and white limousine dog wall decal
handsome limousine dog in living room

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too cute cartoon looking sausage dog

So why do I dedicate this to sausage dog lovers?

I’m glad you asked. I in fact get the ideas after watching the Netflix’s instant hotel season 1, episode 2. During this episode, the mother and son duo (Debbie & Justin) hosted their Sunny Coast Penthouse to other contestants for a 540 dollars per night with a minimum of 3-night stays. Their penthouse features 4 bedrooms with an outdoor hot tub spa bath. What stands out for me is the Sausage dog theme that Debbie implements for her penthouse’s decor.


A bit background of dachshund (aka sausage dog)

Dachshund or sausage dog is a dog breed that is well known for spunky, friendly and curious. They have a long-back body with short legs and can weight up to 32 pounds. Dachshund dog can usually live up to 16 years with 12 years is an average life expectancy. Sausage dogs are not very good with long distance running, leaping, or strenuous swimming, but otherwise these tireless hounds are game for anything. Although dachshund are small, with a big-dog bark, they make fine watchdogs. In fact, i usually pet one of these dog bred when i visited my brother-in-law house in Illinois. They are sweet dogs, i must say.

love is a sausage dog gift book

Limousine dog

Did you know that these dachshund dog breed is also known as limousine dog? dont worry if you dont know, at first i dint know as well until one day when i visited my brother-in-law house in switzerland that i realized he called his sausage dog: Mr. Limousine. That is how i realized some people do call these dogs are limousine dogs. Alright, here are some more limousine dogs wall stickers that you can buy on amazon and decor for your office or room.


cute limousine dog theme wall decor
wall paper with cute sausage dog theme
black and white limousine dog decal for home office

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Exterior wall mural with limousine dog
Dachshund dog wall decal docoration

funny cartoon sausage dogs

Alright, this is the end of this blog post for wall decor with limousine dogs or sausage dogs theme. These dogs are originally called dachshund and they are a good companion and sweet to look at. If you are a sausage dog lover, you may want to get one of these wall decal online today and place on your wall.

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