The Trend of curtains in 2021

curtains are beautiful accessories for any home decor


Have you ever wondered how you can follow the trends of curtains in 2021 and change your house’s look without doing much? Well, when you have spent a prolonged time in your house, it seems boring to look at the same furniture. This is why, instead of purchasing new furniture and spending lots of money on decorative items, just simply change your curtains. As easy as that!

Curtains have a massive impact on the appearance of your home. By choosing the right curtains, you can change your home into something extraordinary.


Curtains are used mainly for two reasons:

Privacy and Decorating windows that add a fresh and aesthetic look. 

A curtain with the right color, length, pattern, and stuff brings freshness and grace to your home. Upgrading your home with new curtains is less expensive, but it leaves a considerable impact on the house. 

Let’s look at the different types of curtains and fabrics, so you can begin to narrow down which style of curtain will be best for you.

Style of curtains

There are many styles. Mainly, it depends on the size of the window and the color you are choosing. Nowadays, eyelets are in trend for 2021. This style gives a good fall and offers a  sophisticated look. 

Here are some drape styles that are used commonly.

  1. Single pleat
  2. Tie top 
  3. Pinch pleat
  4. Duo pleat
  5. Eyelets
  6. Tempo wave
  7. Inverted pleat
  8. Tab top

Fabric of curtains

It is essential to consider the fabric with the temperature of the area you live in. For the places with high-temperature, lightweight curtains are best as they allow air to move in freely.  

Silk : 

Silk material fabric are traditional and give a classy look. It adds a formal look to the room. Silk curtains have a sheer quality, and it also allows light air to pass through and keep the privacy factor in check.

Velvet :

Velvet curtains are also trending nowadays. They give a nice fall and a luxurious look. To top it all, the warm fabric keeps the room warm and enhances the coziness of the room. 

Sheer :

This stuff is purely used to decorate the window. This fabric allows daylight and air to pass through easily. They are best to decorate windows in the living room or dining room. 

If you want to enjoy the beauty of sheer along with privacy, a double curtain rod will help you in this. You can add opaque curtains as a lining and decorate your window with a sheer curtain.  


Cotton :

Cotton fabric is easy to clean. They have a wide variety of colors and patterns. Cotton gives a fresh look to the room.  It allows air to pass through and prevents light from entering the room.

Lining curtains

Lining curtains are best when you want fresh air and sunlight in the daytime and privacy at night. The lining also gives the windows a heavy and luxurious look.  

A combination of plain velvet curtains with sheers enhances the look of the room when you want to decorate your living room with double-lining curtains.   

Color of curtains 

It is a general rule that if you want to enhance the look of the room, then add light or dark color so that your focal point remains single. A loud color scheme and rugs with different patterns would change the center of attraction to a room. 

If you want a place in your home where you want to feel relaxed from the daily hustle-bustle of life, choose light and gauzy curtains. Simple and light color brings simplicity and relaxation.

Floral and botanical prints never go out of style. They have the energy to keep the place lively and decent at the same time. Natural hues like leaves and green color create an organic vibe. 

If you want your curtains to be outstanding in the room, then try loud and bright colors. Additionally, you can also try different patterns to bring an aesthetic look to the room. 

When a room is overcrowded with furniture and other decorative items, keep your curtains simple with a light color tone. 

Curtain hanging style

Here are three styles to hang your curtains.


For a casual look, leave them drape on the floor. It gives a cozy and sophisticated look. 

For a clean and contemporary look, curtains should skim the floor but don’t keep them too high. 

Apron-length is used for small windows. They do not touch the ground. They gather less dust from the floor and give a cute look.

Consider the Room

There are different patterns and colors for different exotic rooms. Not everything fits everywhere. You have to blend your curtains according to the room

Curtains for living room

The curtains for the living room should have a welcoming and cheerful vibe. Try bright colors that refresh the mood immediately. If you want your furniture to remain the focal point of the living room, choose decent patterns. Choose lightweight clothing that allows air and light to stream in through the windows. 

Curtains for bedroom

While choosing the style for the bedroom, you have to keep many things in mind. First of all, choose clothing that blocks light and creates a relaxing and cozy environment. Or else your sleep will be disturbed as soon as the sun hits your windows. 

Dark color material will make the bedroom appear smaller.

When you are decorating a small bedroom bright color curtain will enhance the size of the room.  

Effect on temperature

The heavy lining is perfect for areas where the surrounding is colder, and you want to keep your house warm and cozy. Velvet and silk keep the room warm as they do not allow air to pass through them. 

For summers and high-temperature surroundings, curtains should be simple, and their fabric should be light mainly so that air passes through them easily and keeps the house well ventilated.

Pairing curtains 

There are different styles to pair your curtains. They can be paired with combinations of different colors and patterns. Have a look at the combinations that are trending in 2021.

Plane pair

This style is popular for its classy and decent look. A pair of curtains can be placed either on one side or can be open to give an elegant look. 

Single panel

A single panel covers the entire window. If your window’s width is small, then you should go for a single panel. A single panel doesn’t give a heavy look. It is best for the people who are living in a small apartment.

Window set

It is a complete package for those who want their windows to be the center of attraction of the room. It includes two curtains and a valance. Accessories like tieback or matching belts can also use to tie them gracefully. It is commonly used at the windows of a living room or in a master bedroom window to give a luxurious look.

Window scarf

It is like valence, and a thin fabric curtain is hung up on the window to create an aesthetic look. If you want to give your room a casual and comfy look window scarf will be a perfect choice.

Curtains as decoration

If you are using curtains for decoration purposes only, then there are many ideas. You can choose any color and pattern to decorate your home. Make sure that color and pattern mix well with other items such as furniture and rugs in a room. For decoration purposes, sheer fabric is trending nowadays. Enhance the look of your room by adding bright color sheer. 

Curtains around the bed give a fairytale effect. Beds of hotels and resorts are decorated with curtains to give a nice impression.

Curtains tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks are used to hold curtains symmetrically, and it gives the curtain a finished and clean look. There is a variety of tieback to give a finished and luxurious look. 

Curtains for outdoor decorations


Those who love gardening and want to spend some time close to nature know the worth of outdoor sitting. It is a great idea to decorate outdoor sitting poufs with curtains along with other outdoor decorative stuff. Try floral prints with bright colors; it will enhance the look of outdoor sitting.

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We hope that these suggestions have helped you and now you are clear with an idea of your desired curtain. Make sure to blend your decoration with other things in the room. 

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