4 beautiful Illinois tiny homes you need to see

Christmas 2019 has just passed, I am sitting down in my kitchen typing this blog post. The weather outside is a cool and cloudy while i enjoy a warm tea and watching a serie from The BeastMaster by Netflix and wonder if anyone would also like this serie as I do. In either case, i have a sudden urge to show you these 9 awesome designer tiny house in Illinois, especially the tiny homes in naperville il. So here you are:

This is a beautiful small home that you can actually rent from AirBnB

Nice weather tiny home on trailer
Nothing beats this cozy tiny home on wheel in Illinios
Relaxing in a small home on trailer

And of course if you have a truck, perhaps you are thinking of buying Cyber truck that was recently revealed by Elon Musk , the following tiny cabin will be very much suitable for your need:

Tiny cabin for your summer in the wood. you can use cyber truck to tow this tiny hut of course!

the 24 ft tiny home on wheels

Below are photos from wind river tiny house who creates beautiful tiny shed for sale. The 24 ft home is called “The Lykke” which means happiness (Danish word). And you will understand why after you see the photos below:

Tiny homes for sale on Amazon

For Tiny homes, i am aware that Amazon does sell such type of houses on wheel, but i do not recommend buying one from Amazon because simply it is too basic, you may end up paying more than necessary. Instead, simply go to your local tiny house association to ask for a custom made small cottage. It is better serving you that way.


pinterest tiny houses flyer


Tiny Houses trend has been on the rise in recent years. We now see that minimalism is almost mainstream through promoted via local television shows and blogs dedicated to this small-living lifestyle. Who knows, in the near future, perhaps 35% of all Illinois folks will transform their house into a tiny homes? What do you think?

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