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  • wewood metis desk overall look and feel

    Metis Desk by Gonçalo Campos Studio for WeWood

    Let me start off by introducing Gonçalo Campos. Gonçalo is a young designer from Portugal. He has graduated from a University in 2008 and joined FABRICA for a while. Right now, he is working on his own designing products for well known companies such as Polit, WeWood, blackcork and Burel. Gonçalo also appears in several […] More

  • GEO-detail-round

    Geo Table by Gonçalo Campos

    GEO Table Round Details Geo is a table that reminds us of where materials come from. In this table the stone top is left unfinished underneath. This evokes the state in witch the stone is found naturally. All too often we use materials and shape them at will never respecting their origin and in some cases never even […] More