7 CD Racks for a living room under 150$

wallmounted cd holders

Are you still holding on to your CD player? If you are like me, I still do have my own collection. For example, my favourite one is Gun n Rose’s Use Your Illusion II. CD still has a space in my heart. I recall when I had my first cd player, it was sometime in 2001 when I was still post grad study. Its brand was Philips but I cannot recall what was its exact make.

Given my love with CD Player, I decide to do more research both for myself and for you on the most creative cd racks for home. Oh ya, I love beautiful home and therefore any decorative items that I can find for a reasonable price, I would go for it. Below, you will find 7 creative CD racks that you can have a hand without hurting your bank.

1- Beautiful wooden rectangular CD Rack

This is a Slim Barrister Tower CD Rack. Its capacity is: 391 CDs, 189 DVDs, 320 Blu-Ray discs, 112 VHS cassettes or any combination thereof. This is a functional cd rack and yet a beautiful piece of décor item for your home too.

Black Slim Barrister Tower cd rack for home

2- Atlantic 230CD Media Rack

Made by Atlantic company, this media rack can hold up to 230 CD or DVD. It also can hold VHS if you are so desire. It comes with different parts that you will need to assemble it yourself, pretty much just like the one you get from Ikea. Its color is black and hence would go perfectly with any other black design house.

altantic 230CD media rack on amazon

It is measured at 21.5″ wide, 10″ tall, and 40.5″ tall if you asked me.
altantic CD rack design with spacer

Get it now at Amazon at just around 33$.

3- Cd-dvd Rack Espresso Finish

As shown on, it costs $40, it is very cheap and yet quite beautiful.

Cd-dvd Rack Espresso Finish
beautiful cd rack for house décor and also for many other purpose such as folder filing.

4- Plastic CD or DVD holder for working desk

Nothing fancy, it is just a plastic CD holders that can hold up to 30 CD, the beauty of this plastic rack is its versatility to be placed on a working desk easily.

Get it here at just around $12.

30 CD rack holder for desk

5- SEI Black Steel Wall-Mount CD Rack

This is the most creative of all I find. It is a steel cd rack that you put it on the wall. It can hold up to 108 CDs. It receives 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. So get it now by >clicking here.

wallmounted cd holders

6- Espresso Triple Wall Mounted Storage

At just 111$, this is an impressive reasonable wall mounted CD rack that looks beautiful in your living room. Currently on sale at Amazon, click here to buy now.

Espresso Triple Wall Mounted Storage

7- Standalone cd holder cabinet with Shaker Door

This is a standalone cd rack with a shaker door that you could lock away all your cd or dvd collection. A very useful CD racks for home with small children. As a matter of fact, a faster of two sons my self, this cd holder cabinet with lock is an essential part of my DVD collection.

Get more info here >>>

standalone cd holder cabinet with Shaker Door


Now that you have seen all the creative ideas, how about try to DIY if you have some artistic mind in you. Otherwise, I would suggest to get one from Amazon instead.

buy now in Amazon

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