7 collectible diecast cars under 100$

GT500E Eleanor diecast car front view

Collectible diecast cars are ideal home décor items. Unlike the cheap toy cars you can find from Walmart, these diecast cars are ideal for home. They are usually made with 1/18 of the original car size, although a slight variation does exist. In this blog post, I will be sharing 7 collectible diecast cars available for sale online at a very reasonable price.

1:18 scale collectible cars

Let me begins with this scale. It is an important scale for a diecast car as 1 over 18 is a fairly reasonable scale to have enough detail on a car. This scale is not only popular with the miniature cars but also the doll house for children to play with. Okie, below are some cools vehicles for décor that you would get below 100$.

60$ 1:18 Shelby Mustang GT500E Eleanor Diecast car

Shelby Mustang Diecast Car is on sale for less than 60$, go and get it!

grey Shelby Mustang GT500E Eleanor Diecast car GT500E Eleanor diecast car front view GT500E Eleanor diecast car under the hood view Mustang GT500E Eleanor diecast model car interior view Shelby Mustang GT500E Eleanor Diecast car full view

Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 diecast model

landcruiser 2002 diecast model Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 boot compartment diecast model Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 front hood open diecast model Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 interior photo diecast

1:18 scale Audi A8 miniature scale car

Audi A8 model car for home decor Audi A8 model miniatuar car for home decor

Special Edition 2002 Grey Ford Thunderbird at a cost of less than 99$

2002 Grey Ford Thunderbird cast iron car 2002 Grey Ford Thunderbird diecast 1-18 scale


1:24 scale collectible cars

The next inline of this post is a smaller car scale at 1:24. These types of iron cast car will not be as much detailed as 1:18 series but still they are very versatile for home décor. See some collections below.

2014 C7 Stingray Convertible

I frankly do not know this car brand in real life. However, I am pretty sure that this is a super expensive car in real scale unlike this diecast model which is currently on sale on Amazon for a real cheap deal.
yellow C7 convertible diecast model car

Mazda RX-8 Red collectible car on scale 1:24

I am not a real big fan of Mazda car as they consume too much gas, in my opinion. In case you are the big fan, this is a possible good collection for you, get it now for just 16$.

red mazda rx8 model car on cast iron

2008 Ford Shelby Mustang blue collectible car

Mustang is a really muscle car. Like the real life Mustang, this 1:24 model is an excellent with so much detail. A great home décor. Get it now at

2008 ford mustang GT500 bue on 1-24 scale model car


There are many different type of diecast cars of different brand, color and type of car from Mustangs to El Caminos to Woodies. There are many more. Whether you are looking for a 1930s car or latest model, you will find almost anything for sale on Amazon nowadays.

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