Basic Consideration in Home Library Interior Design

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Home Library Interior Design

Suppose you are a book lovers or a nerd who obsessed with any particulars knowledge. You might have hundreds or thousands books of yourself! Where would you put them all when a couple of bookshelves were not enough? Well, try to concept and build a single room just for your books. Yup, a home library is an answer for this trouble.

Then, what things do you need to have a home library at your house?

You need to consider the space and the design for it before selecting furnishing. The amount of books you have will absolutely take into consideration of how large the space you need. Next, decide the right location of your home library. Noise control is a defining factor in regard to locating spaces in the library. At one time, libraries were considered to be quiet spaces, with noise confined. Therefore, you can build it for example, next to your office room.

After preparing the space and design, next step is selecting furnishings. When selecting furnishings, the basic design elements of form, size, and scale enter into the decision-making process. “Form” refers to the basic shape of an object (or a space) generated by lines, planes, volumes, and points. Individual furniture items are chosen with appropriate size and scale so that they are correctly proportioned to the overall size of the space and to other objects within it. Scale is an important consideration in regard to who will use the selected furnishings.

For example, in order to provide furniture of the appropriate scale for your children, the tables and chairs are smaller than furniture for you. Other design elements and principles considered in interior design are balance, harmony, rhythm, and emphasis. Having some glass windows and open-off the area are good idea to give you fresh atmosphere along with natural light from the sun. But, it doesn’t matter at all if you prefer “dark” room like basement as long as you have enough light to read your favorite books.

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