Small basement ideas on a budget

bright color for small basement

Are you living in a cosy home with a small basement and look to improve the look and feel of the available space with your limited budget? If yes, then this post is for you.

I, myself, had gone through that episode in my life before. You see, my basement is around 40 square meters. It is separate into 4 smaller rooms. One room is already used for hot water boilers and washing machine. The other is used as a store room with a tiny table for hand craft. The third room is used for a refrigerator. Then it only last the fourth room which I measure to be just 4 by 4 meters, it is very small but yet I have make full use of the space. It is currently is reserved to be a getaway from the noisy outdoor traffic.

It is my purpose that this post will help those on a budget to improve their basement to make it more lively. So here, you go, some great ideas you could implement for your small basement:

Small Basement Color

Mine was in bare concrete color. I don’t really mind that. However, if you really want to, I suggest to choose something that is bright because of the lack of natural light in the basement. Therefore, painting a brighter color will make your small space appears larger – see examples below:

small basement bright orange color
As you could see from this photo and the other photo, by painting the wall into orange color, it gives a good contrast with the photo frame and the white color of the other wall.
bright color for small basement
There is just one tiny window in this small basement. The white color painting does add to the brightness of the small basement and give an appearance of larger space and it usually is.

bright paint color for small basement small basement bright color ideas

Use industrial rack to arrange stuff if you have a small Basement

I am fortunate enough to have a separate parking garage which I use to store my tools. However if you only have limited space, then use an industrial rack to store your tool is a good idea, especially in such a small basement.

small basement industrial rack
industrial rack or storage shelve for small space. Instead of buying one from Target or Walmart, consider DIY

diy industrial rack for small basement
Be a handy man and DIY this industrial rack for your small basement

small basement storage shelves

Small basement decorating ideas

Time to think of how you could decorate the small space with limited natural light to make it lively? How about turn it into a movie room? Or a night study room, or even a mini bar to chill out? Never run out of ideas and get inspired from these décor ideas photos here:

1- Movie room Décor concept

movie room for small basement
On a budget? How about getting one of these wooden pallet, stack them up and make it a movie room? In this photo, the small basement turn into a 6 comfy movie theatre no matter what time of the day.
sleep in movie room for small space
Yet another budget project for a small space. In this remodelling project, we can see that all one need is a couple of comfy chairs and several pillows and voila , you turn a small basement into a great movie room in an instant.

2- Mini Bar Décor concept

minibar in a small basement
How about turning the small cave into this mini bar? It will not be cheap but worth a shot.

basement minibar

3- Reading Room Décor concept

reading room in small basement remodelling
If your basement is tall, like in this pic, then you could easily turn it into a reading room. It will impress your visitor.
reading room in small basement ideas
beautiful reading room in a small basement

That is all for now folks, until later, enjoy these ideas and now go get it!


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