Brazilian Jungle House by Studio MK27

Brazilian office Studio MK27 jungle house from drone

Casa na Mata is a project name of this seclude Jungle House in Brazilian rain forest. This exclusive architecture is designed and developed by Brazilian Studio MK27.

The location of this jungle house is located in Paulista Shore in the Rain Forest Region (i.e. in Guaruja sp. brazil). Overlooking the ocean, this Casa Na Mata jungle house has a privilege to combine nature an modern architecture. Thanks to the location, the house is designed to have a protruding features as if the house emerged from the mountain.

Brazilian office Studio MK27 jungle house from drone
Awesome Jungle Hose in Brazilian Rain Forest Region overlooking the ocean. Photo taken from a drone aircraft
casa na mata exclusive photo from a drone
Casa Na Mata Project by Studio MK27 emerged from a mountain side

MK27 studio designed the jungle house by respecting the nature. That is there are just two pillars that touch the grounds and there is no large earth removal to develop this Jungle House.

The Jungle House Structure

The house is separated into three floors. The ground floor houses a large wooden deck and a small children room. On the first floor, there are six large bedrooms and the last floor is visiting area with a swimming pool and kitchen.

casa na mata swimming pool
Besides the large swimming pool to be enjoyed by all, there is a large wooden plank on the ground floor. This wide open space allows those with children to roam around without worry of getting lost in the rain forest. Besides that wooden deck on the ground floor, to the right of the house, there is a stone path leading to the beach and the nearby mountain.

jungle house in brazilian wooden plank on ground floor

stone path towards the jungle house in Brazil

The most scenic view is from the top floor at the swimming pool. For example, look at how the swimming pool light up at night in this designer house is just jaw dropping experience.

night time in the jungle house by Studio MK27
As I have mentioned earlier, the house is split into three floors. The first is a space for children while the 2nd floor is for sleeping. The last floor is exclusively reserved for a social area. Therefore one can say the Jungle House is designed based on an inverted concept.

Sneak peak into the interior exclusive photos of this Jungle House in Brazil

The interior of this Brazilian jungle house also fitted with so many features. For example the bedrooms are equipped with wooden sunscreens, small brises soleil. Besides, the owner can also manipulate a sliding door to make more space if so desired.

Casa Na Mata in Guaruja MK27 Studio Interior living room
Beautiful interior living space with white sofa of the Casa Na Mata MK27 Studio design house in a Rain Forest jungle of Brazilian’s Guaraja

staircase in mk27 jungle house in guaruja sp brazil
exterior casa mata jungle house in Brazil  casa na mata Gauraja sp living room with so much space

Brazil Jungle House Library and living room
Warm lighting in this Brazilian’s jungle house with two designer sofa, and a large bookshelf. Really showcasing a richness in your collection.

2nd floor Jungle House varenda overlooking the rain forest


3rd floor Jungle House social space interior

And that comes to the conclusion of this post about Brazilian Jungle House designed by Studio MK27. I hope you are inspired.  The next time you visit Guaruja SP region, remember to pass by this great architecture of all time.

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