12 best Cambodia interior design that will awe you

couple island cambodia interior design

The more I stay in Cambodia, the more I fall in love with its design culture especially I refer to the interior design in Cambodia. Located between Thailand and Vietnam, this country has opened up since the arrival of the peace keeping called UNTAC. In 2017, I witness the growth of the real estate development around Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville (the two towns I visited). One can rest assure to be amazed by the talented local interior designer as well as foreign design firm which can be witnessed throughout the boutique hotel, luxury 5 star hotel and guest houses.

Update (01 Feb 2020): since its first publishing date back to Aug 2017, i find more and more cool home decor Cambodia which worth mentioning here. From the busy street in Sihanoukville to a bustling street in Phnom Penh, I put together this extra and unique khmer decor that makes you surprise. Oh, and i will also throw in a list of interesting home decor shop in phnom penh for those wanting to hire khmer decor artist.

In light of these developments, I am pleased to share with you the following 12 best interior design that can be seen in Cambodia.

Song Saa island’s interior design

Song saa is a name given to two islands located at 35 minutes boat ride from the port of Sihanouk Ville. The bigger island is called “bong” and the smaller one is considered as “own”. Together, it is called Song Saa or “couple” or “sweethearts”. The resort located in the two islands were the brain child of Rory and Melita from Australia. They have bought the islands from the local village and have since transformed into a great resort second to none. The interior design and exterior design of the islands are just amazing – check them here.

couple island cambodia interior design bathroom
Large bath room with great interior design to a contemporary concept in the hearth of Koh Rong Archipelago.
couple island cambodia interior design
A cozy bed in song saa island near to Koh Rong
song saa island private couch design
Sofa and lounge design to attract honeymoon goer

song saa island in cambodia private pool song saa island luxury hotel comfortable bed

As of today i.e. 11 August 2018, the Song Saa private island rates is 890$ per night. Not bed for such a unique experience. Highly recommended for newly or retired couple.

De Castle Royal

This condominium is located in a prime location of Phnom Penh called Beong Keng Kang 1. This is where you will find most high class restaurant for tourists and elite Cambodian. The d├ęcor and design of this Condominium is very modern. You can also swim and exercise in their gym too, by the way.

kitchen design interior decor of de castle phnom penh
pristine white kitchen in de castle phnom penh condo
three bedroom of de castle royal design
3 bed room apartment in de castle royal phnom penh

beautiful interior design in cambodian condomenium dining room decor in de castle royal phnom penh the castle one apartment interior design of the bedroom the castle royal table decor in the heart of cambodia warm orange paint on de castle apartment in cambodia

Xihu hotel in sihanoukville

Xihu resort hotel was a talk in town sometime in 2018. The reason was that it was probably the first modern skyscraper after the 7 storey (independent hotel). During my visit to this coastal town back in 2017, Xihu casino and resort was not fully operational yet (i recall vaguely) and now, it is in full swing. Xi Hu is a very luxurious five-star resort with unique interior design. Oh indeed, this 5 stars hotel also has several nice Chinese restaurants. Let’s take a look at how they do, decor-wise:

beautiful xihu bedroom, more info on

Heritage Suites Hotel Siem Reap

Oh well, it is not easy to find traditional cambodia house decor because khmer people are busy to make a living in their daily life. Instead, we can be inspired the tradtional decor by visiting the most luxury boutique resort in Siem Reap: the Heritage Suites Hotel.

super classic decor of khmer architectur: via

There are definitely more interesting khmer architecture outthere that we do not know about.

3 home decor shop phnom penh

As promised, i am going to identify three home decor shops that I found in Phnom Penh. I must admit that it is not too hard to find various stores in Cambodia thanks to many helpful khmer around the corner where one can simply ask! Besides, according to BangkokPost, there are 15.8 million active internet users in Cambodia (i wonder how true this is consider the population in Cambodia is around 16 million only).

Vintage interior Cambodia

Vintage interior is an interior decor shop located in Phnom Penh Cambodia. If you are looking to buy decorating furniture and items, check out vintage interior. FYI, according to its website, they do import designer items from Mutto, Charles Roy Eames, Kartell, Tolix, Barcelona, and Serge Mouille.

Tel: 010 28 5566 / 010 988 178
Email: [email protected]

Via: Cambodia Vintage Interior Decor Shop in Phnom Penh
Looking for classic and industrial like restaurant decor? Then you can buy decor products from this Vintage Interior Cambodia.

Living Iching Decor

Looking for a custom made and personalized decor for your shop or restaurant? Try Living Iching Decor, who claims to be a lifestyle company brinigng unique decor to the Cambodia decor market. It’s located near to Bokor area, very easy to find, check out its website for details:

Tel: 023 214 285 / 092 660 746
Email: [email protected]

interior decor by living iching decor in phnom penh
Blue classic sofa by Living IChing Decor

Full house decoration cambodia

Although its website isn’t that professional, in my view, they do have physical showroom in SunCity Bassac Building, Phnom Pehn. Be inspired, Fullhouse cambodia is cooperating with oversea distributors that is inspired by European and Korean style.

Tel: 015 707 799 / 012 831 515
Email: [email protected]

Conclusion Remark

The next time you visit this southeast Asia country, remember to keep an eyes on upcoming new development and you will be awed by their design concept.

Which is the best interior design school in Cambodia?

Cambodia is still very new when it comes to interior design school. The longest known institution in Cambodia is called the red house, thanks to its famous red exterior wall. However, in recent years, more and more design school compete for the top spot. One of the competitor is the Raffle College Phnom Penh.

Which design company in phnom penh is the best?

That depends on your budget as well as the industry. For example, if you are looking for an apartment interior design, then you could source it from any local design company. However, if you need an interior designer for your modern restaurant, consider the vintage interior decor as highlight in


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