ADA compliant pool lifts

handicap portable pool lift review

Swimming is a great exercise which involves the movement of hands, legs  and all parts of the body.  While having fun, swimming enhances flexibility and improves endurance as well as helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles. That is why it is advisable for pregnant women to swim.

While many of us can swim with ease, others cannot due to the disability. Yet swimming is very important to the disabled because of its intrinsic benefits physically and psychologically. These include: cardiovascular fitness, helping you develop your endurance, helps you in maintaining healthy weight, helps to ease stress and build up confidence. Sadly, people with disability has not reaped the benefits from swimming because of pool’s accessibility. Thanks to a pool lift, it has never been any more convenient for the disable to enter into the swimming pool.

handicap portable pool lift review

What is pool lift?

A pool lift is a swimming enhancement equipment that helps people with disability to access the pool. It is a mechanised seat which is designed to carry disable and (or) injured individuals into the swimming pool. This seat features an armrest, footrest, detachable footrest, batteries and a belt which helps hold the person in the seat and keeps him comfortable. With the pool lift, everyone now has an equal chance of accessing the swimming pool and enjoying the benefits that are associated with swimming.

Pool lifts are of two types; permanent and portable pool lifts. A permeant pool lift is installed permanently in a spot or position and it is best for people who use the lift for therapeutic sections while the portable pool lift on the other hand can be moved from one position to another – it is normally on wheels and makes use of hydraulic system to lift and lower the seat to the pool.

PAL2 Fixed-Portable Pool Lift full honest review

Why it is important to be ADA approved?

ADA compliance handicap pool lift signADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance requires that every facility that is for the public has to be accessible to everyone equally that is to say that everyone should have equal opportunity and access to public facilities. This does not only benefit the disabled person but also enhances sales for people who provides the services. For a pool lift to be ADA compliant it should feature; a minimum lifting capacity of 300 pounds, it should have a footrest, its operation should be easy for the user from the deck and water even without assistance.

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Every lift works with pulley system both electrical and mechanical. During functioning, there might be a problem of gear lock or break in the belt. In order to take care of this problem, there should be an expert operator to handle the machine again, there should be a routine check on the pull lift to avoid the accident.

Finally, being handicapped should never stop anyone from enjoying the fun others are having; swimming is one of the most exciting and beneficial exercise for anyone and getting the handicap pool lift is the easiest means for a disable to enjoy this fun and benefits. It is easy to use and convenient.

S.R.Smith fix portable pool lift review

The brand SR Smith is a well known brand in the handicap portable pool lift sphere. This fix and portable pool lift is a durable product with an armrest. The product has been tested and verified to be full ADA compliant by a third party. It can rotate up to 240 Degree with lifting capacity of 300 pound or 136 KG.

PAL2 Fixed-Portable Pool Lift Manual

The product comes with 5 years structural warranty and with a 24V rechargeable battery with waterproof handheld remote. This PAL2 Fixed-Portable Pool Lift gives an easy access to inground swimming pool.

PAL2 portable inground pool lift

PAL2 Fixed-Portable Pool Lift ADA compliance pool lift
Click here to read this full manual in detail.

Conclusion Remark

For those with movement difficulty, this handicap pool lift fully ADA compliance is highly recommended. Do not let the accessibility of the inground pool discourage you or your loved one from enjoying the swimming pool, Now, go Get one today!

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