7 irresistible best coffee table for sale in Switzerland

Yuro Round glass table by Interio Switzerland

Switzerland is expensive. One hamburger could cost easily 15USD and one cinema ticket costs up to 20$ or 32$ for an IMAX 3D. No doubt, it is one of the richest countries in the world. The collateral benefit from being a rich country is that all products made in Switzerland are of quality. Likewise, take a look at these 7 best Swiss coffee tables.

1- NT100 Cabaret coffee table by Natuzzi

NT100 Cabaret coffee table by Pfister



Pfister is a very well known household brand for Switzerland. With so many stores available in Switzerland, they are the most expensive furniture store I have ever visited in the French-speaking side of Switzerland. In fact, I had visited their store in Etoy and I was impressed as they have so many varieties of furniture from home decoration to kitchenware to this cool NT100 coffee table by Italian designed house: Natuzzi.

This Natuzzi NT100 is resistant to heat and is made from inox steel and glass. It is measured at 90 x 90 x 34 cm. This Natuzzi’s coffee table is sold online at Pfister store at just 779CHF

2- Pfister Pebble Coffee table

Pfister Pebble Coffee table

This coffee table is inspired by a sanded pebble that we can easily found in lake Geneva. with its smooth all-round edge, the pebble coffee table is ideal for a modern home. Currently, it costs just 499CHF on Pfister, one of the least expensive swiss coffee table.

3- Bruges coffee table by MaisonDuMonde

Bruges Massive wooden coffee table by Maison du monde

Maison du Monde or Home of the world is yet another household brand for furniture in Switzerland. As part of my visit to the French-speaking side of Switzerland, I had a chance to visit the Etoy Maison Du Monde. As a lover of home d├ęcor, I like this Bruges coffee table on display in their Etoy branch. Currently, this base table costs just 529.90 CHF. The Bruges comes in two sizes, one is at 100x100x30cm. Its design is made from recycling massive wood and therefore you will expect to have a unique coffee table in the whole wide world. It is perfect for any wooden home.

4- Maison du Monde Colorado Coffee table

Colorado Maison Du Monde

Measured at 38x130x66, Colorado is sold by Maison du Monde Etoy. Yet another vintage unique designed tea table with a massive wooden plank on two larges old wheels and two rustic small wheels. Definitely a plus for your vintage designed living room.

table basse colorado par maison du monde

5- Yuro round Tea table by Interio

Yuro Round glass table by Interio Switzerland

Interior Etoy is yet another location near to Pfister and Maison du Monde Etoy that I visited in late February 2017. Among the many tea tables, I find the Yuro round table to my liking. First of all, it has a nice walnut color that would match any subtle color of any house. Unlike other massive wooden tea tables, the Yuro is made from walnut rim and inox steel legs. I check Interio website just now and see it is on sale right now at 379CHF.

6- Bayamo tea table by interio Switzerland

Bayamo tea table by interio switzerland

Bayamo allows a maximum of 75KG maximum load. I think this is quite sufficient for any tea or coffee. Currently on sale at Interio Online at just 199CHF. I find the price of Interio is not as expensive as Pfister and yet their product is of quality. As an example, the Bayamo table is quite durable and is made from an acacia tree.

7- WARREN block of massive wood tea table by Micasa

WARREN block of wood by micasa

Micasa is the least expensive tea table seller in Etoy, I find. What attracts me the most when visiting Micasa etoy is this block of the massive wooden tea table. I must say, this is a unique coffee table that you will ever find around the world because each piece is a cut from a real tree. And since it is made from a real trunk of a tree, it is not the cheapest tea table around, currently, Micasa sells Warren table for 199CHF


Now there you are 7 irresistible best coffee tables for sale in Switzerland. The four companies namely: Pfister, Interio, Maison du Monde, and Micasa are one of the finest furniture shops in this part of the world. Although these tables are not cheap as we can find in Asia, they are made with quality and would be a good fit for any expensive home.

Are you living in the US? Then check out these beautiful coffee tables that you can buy directly from Amazon as well.

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