11 beautiful and cheap round bed for luxury home

Most home owners are not into round bed for the obvious reason: space constraint. One of the major complain many home owners stated in a survey is that circle bed takes much space for their limited living space. Therefore, many decides to opt for the usual rectangular shape bed. Only a few of them like an idea of round bed.


Circle bed with a king size rectangular mattress sitting nicely on a wooden floor
Circle bed with a king size rectangular mattress sitting nicely on a wooden floor

beautiful and neat round bed with mattress


Why 2 out of 3 people hates round bed?

In my view, people are not interested in round bed yet because they are not use to it. Tell me, when was the last time you visit someone’s house and see them sleep on a round bed? My answer to this question is: never! In fact, the only circle bed I have seen was in Ikea showroom. I remember when I visit Ikea Aubonne in Switzerland this February, I saw one large (I believe it was a king size) round bed for the first time.

For most, round bed are usually tied to Hollywood stars and luxury hotel. On the other hand, this is not true! As a matter of fact many round bed are sold for less than 2’000 USD on Amazon, which in my opinion is very affordable. Having said that, if you decide to buy the circle bed, I suggest to consider a king size instead of queen. Furthermore, identify if it is possible to find a suitable mattress and bedding that goes with it as well. That way you will be sure to have a full satisfaction on your purchase.

circle bed with round mattress black and white tone elegant round bed in a luxury home


never seen before round leather bed without mattress
rare photo of a leather circle bed frame without mattress.

red circle bed in a New York penthouse
exclusive penthouse in New York City with a red bedding on a circle leather bed frame
unreal kingsize leather round table
This photo almost look unreal with the leather circle bedframe.

blue color round bed modern warm tone round mattress and circle bed

Circle bed for small space

To he contrary to most belief, circle bed are not just for spacious bedroom. A small room can also be equipped with the circle bed as well. See example photos below

round bed in a stylish hotel with mirror on the ceiling
Tiny apartment room with circle bed frame and a mirror on the ceiling.
chic round bedframe with mattress for a single man
A single room with round comfy bed for single man living alone. Very small bedroom with a circle bed.

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