9 rectangular patio dining table you will love

stone patio dining table for 6 people

In this post, I will introduce four rectangular patio dining table that is not just impressive but also easy to find.

Large rectangular dining table for a big group

If you have a large garden, then get one of this massive patio table for an outdoor experience. During any season, this table will last as it is made from a durable wooden material. Sadly, this is too large for my small garden.

large rectangular white table with bench for outdoor all weather dining experience

Some people also prefer a large bench like for a dining experience for 4 people. See photo below:

large patio wooden rectangular table for garden

Yet another 10 persons dining table for outdoor experience

outdoor patio dining trable in rectangular shape

And since you have an extra large table, you may want to consider getting one of these large cantilever umbrella as well to give good shading to your guests!

Small rectangular dining table smaller family

Enjoy this attractive stone patio dining table for 6. This table gives a warm feeling to the modern garden.

stone patio dining table for 6 people

Wooden bench also comes with a smaller size and in rectangular shape – see example below

wooden bench outdoor rectangular patio dining table

modern rectangular patio dining table

Outdoor stone patio rectangular dining table

modern rectangular patio dining table
Outdoor rectangular patio dining table made from stone overlooking a Mediterranean sea. This table serves 8 people. Perfect for an apartment living nearby the beach.

Metal rectangular patio table

Patio tables have so many variety. As already seen above, they could be made from wood or stone and now metal. So depending on your taste, the choice is just unbelievable.

black metal rectangular dining table for outdoor

dark black metal patio table


Outdoor dining experience has become more interesting with the wide variety of patio furniture nowadays. From the wooden table to metal to stone, it comes with all shape and size. I hope you enjoy viewing these rectangular table for your next purchase.

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