The Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Review

Best vintage wood file cabinets

Some people might say we dont need a file cabinet anymore in this digital age. For me, this statement is totally absurd. As a matter of fact, real and valuable content are still paper based. For example, your university certificate, your house’s deed or a wedding certificate. All these documents are valuable and must stay on paper form. Although you can scan and saved them electronically, their original paper counter parts are still very valuable. Therefore, I say “You do need a filing cabinet“.

Why Wood file cabinet?

Unlike modern metal file cabinet, the wooden version is more sturdy with an expensive look. Furthermore, wooden cabinet gives a long lasting ambiance to your home d├ęcor. If you are living in a cosy traditional home, consider buying one of the best vintage wood file cabinets to add a higher flavour to your interior design.

It is undeniable that wood cabinet would have a long lasting life span. In contrast to the metal storage cabinet, an old wood cabinet can be repaint and rework to make it as new or to keep it as a vintage style. Whereas the metal storage cabinet, once it turns old, it could be rusty and may tilt or worst may even fall apart. As such, I highly recommend you consider buying the file cabinet made from solid wood instead.

Introducing The Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer vintage wooden file cabinet

Fully Assembled Kathy Ireland Home By Martin Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
Fully Assembled Kathy Ireland Home By Martin Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet – vintage wood file cabinet for sale on Amazon.

Burnish finished of an old vintage wood file cabinet from Kathy Ireland Home
This is how the solid wood side of this burnish finished filing storage cabinet look like.

Currently, this vintage Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer file cabinet receives a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 20 verified customers’ review. This means more than 90% of the customers are fully satisfied with this product. Among the comments reviewed is its solidly built material. One client even states

…Suggestion…if you buy be aware this puppy is heavy, heavy, HEAVY. Chances are delivery will drop it on the front porch. Best to uncrate before you try to move it indoors. And remember to have a dolly handy…hernias are not a good idea.

Upon further check, I found out that the estimated weight of this wooden storage cabinet is 120 pound. It is 29 inches tall and 19.5 inches deep and 33.8 inches wide. It is currently on sale for $585.99.

Top drawer fully drawn of the Huntington Oxfort vintage wood file cabinet
With an easy to slide open drawer, this is a very functional piece of file storage cabinet
Kathy Ireland Home 2 drawer old wooden file cabinet
An open view of a vintage solid wooden file cabinet for any home office.


The Features of Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer file storage cabinet

  • Top drawer locks on the right side for security purpose. (well many clients claimed they don’t really use this)
  • Distressed hand applied Burnish finish
  • It is meant to be used against the wall as it has an unfinished back
  • Fully assemble (This means you don’t have to DIY)
  • Made from solid heavy wood
  • With 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Built with an old aesthetic look
  • Lateral file includes two letter/legal sized file drawers for document organization

best antique wood file cabinet 2 drawer by Martin Huntington Oxford
The product comes in two different color: Wheat or Burnish.
Kathy Ireland Home vintage drawing cabinet
Screen capture of a video presentation of this Kathy Ireland Home vintage drawing cabinet

Conclusion Review Remark

Receiving a 4.6 stars or 92% rating is quite an incredible product. Despite a small complain on its locking system, the product comes with 5 years warranty and hence you can rest assure it will be fixed in case of any issue. Built from solid wood, this aesthetically appealing filing cabinet will last for years to come.

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