12 modern prefabricated homes

beautiful wooden prefabricated building for living in

More and more people are using a container style weekend home for a very simple reason: Fast and Cheap. Yes, you hear me right, the modular home is getting more and more affordable as new companies entered into this market section. The modern prefabricated homes are usually built in less than one month from the conceptualized to the actual erection of the building itself.

2 modern prefab home side by side in an evening sun
Two modern prefab home side by side in an evening sun. A perfect home for weekend getaway. Easy to build and quick to erect. Or you can buy the already built prefabricated buildings from various companies across the US.

What is Prefabricated Building?

A prefabricated building is a structure that are pre-built at the factory which can be assembled on site to make a completed building for ready to use. These prefab building are manufactured off the construction site using standardize section which can be then transported and assembled on-site for quickly deployment. Some prefab homes are known as modular home because the houses are manufactured in sections which then can be bundled together to make a complete large housing complex. While some other prefabricated building are considered as mobile home thanks to its ability to be towed around and be placed for a temporary shelter or weekend dwelling.

beautiful wooden prefabricated building for living in

3 different material making up prefab homes

Prefab homes can be made from mainly 3 different type of material. The first is the steel. Many companies (see LONG container services) have recycled the 20ft or 40ft shipping container to be portable homes while many of the United Nations’ field offices are resorted to using these quick to build office in the country thanks to its durability.These steel framed prefab building are easily to assemble and some companies provides ready to build kits while some offering the portable versions.

Next, we have concrete prefab buildings. The precast concrete prefab building provides many benefits. One benefit is its ability to erect the housing in any weather condition. This is because the concrete slab has been pre-built from the factory, therefore builder only needs to put them together. Whether it rains or snows, the house can be put together quickly and cheaply. The other benefit is its ability to stay warm in winter and cool in summer and thus it is very user friendly.

prefabricated concrete home
modern prefabricated concrete home – pre-built to last long with almost zero maintenance and better energy saving rating.

The last material mostly used in any modern prebuilt home is wood. The wooden prefab homes are very similar to the steel frame home where they are already built at the factory which you can simply transported the home to the pre-prepared ground work somewhere. See some photos below.


venice prebuilt concrete home courtyard venice prebuilt concrete home exterior

Modern prefabricated homes culture

Right after the world war 2, many of the eastern European countries suffer much structural damages. They have to rebuild the infrastructure and housing for their people quickly and cheaply. For that reason, the culture of prefabricated building flourishes in these countries. Since then, we started to see many big super centers started to use prefabricated materials to construct their offices and commercial complex. In fact, the record time for constructing a complex is of those by McDonald. Within 13 hours of construction, McDonald manages to built its restaurant opened for business using the prefab building kits.

prefab office container with two men sitting in front of it
prefab office container with two men sitting in front of it

full glass container prefab office prefab office with beautiful lighting

prefabricated building at the backyard prefabricated dwelling for weekend getaway rectangular prefab building for office small prefab building for rent tiny and fully functional prefab weekend home

Conclusion Remark

I believe prefabricated homes are getting more popular nowadays for its cheap and quick solution to any housing requirement. Considering the mass refugee to the Europe zone, these types of housing has many benefits which any government should focus on. Nevertheless, for us average Joe, the prefab homes could be an affordable solution for our weekend home. And well, as you can see from the above photos, these prefab housing are not as ugly as you would have imagine. Hence, why not try and get the prefab building kits and build one for your vacation home?

tiny bedroom prefab building




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