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    Decorative Bathroom Wall Cabinet by Regia

    By regulating heading corner laser technology, Regia has combined a splendidly musical bathroom wall cupboard that belongs to their Batik collection. The fretwork doorway is a vital captivate of differently neat and candid pattern of a cabinet. While it adds a beautifying aesthetic, a doorway also reveals a opposite color behind it for even some-more […] More

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    Enjoying The Romantic Atmospher In Sophicated Maximalism Bathroom By Savio Firmino

    Having a luxurious bathroom is a dreamĀ  for romantic couples. Romantic atmosphere in the bathroom will always give warmth to their relationship and make them feel confortable to be open up to each other. It is also good for maintaining chemistry among them. J. Pizzorno, in collaboration with Guido Savio from Italian company Savio Firmino, […] More