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coleman lay-z spa inflatable hot tub Review

hot tub video instruction

I love hot tubs for a relaxing session. Especially on the day I had so much stress at work. Using the hot tubs is a way for me to get away from all the worries. You see, I do not like doing sport (my friend called me couch potato) i.e. I do not even like to work or […]

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Best vintage wood file cabinets – The Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Review

Some people might say we dont need a file cabinet anymore in this digital age. For me, this statement is totally absurd. As a matter of fact, real and valuable content are still paper based. For example, your university certificate, your house’s deed or a wedding certificate. All these documents are valuable and must stay on paper form. Although you can scan and […]

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Zebra ZD500 Review

bacode printer ZD500 review

I am a functional expert in SAP implementation in a regional company. Recently we had roll out a new phase of the implementation in the area of Plant Maintenance. This SAP module covers management of equipment which include the tagging of individual serialized item. That means it is necessary to have a barcode being affixed into this […]

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