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  • large-daisy-flower-bed-for-frontyard

    12 daisy garden design for small yards

    Yesterday at my French class, we were learning an idiom phrase “manger les pissenlits par la racine” which literally translated into “eating the dandelion by its root”. Since it is an idiomatic phrase, its actual meaning is “s/he is dead and already buried”. From that single French idiom, many students started asking other type of […] More

  • fall baskets flower

    fall flowers for hanging baskets 2017

    It is Autumn 2017 soon. The fall is time to plant some nice fruity plant around the garden. It is also a time for flower which you can use to hang from the baskets. To welcome the Autumn, I’d like to share some beautiful flowers for hanging baskets here. You see fall flower needs to […] More

  • pink rose garden for a small yard

    11 beautiful Rose Garden Designs for small yard

    Today I went to a local gardening store. My purpose is to get a new dark red rose tree for my backyard. It was actually a birthday gift for my wife who will turn 38 this year. She loves roses and hence although my small yard has already 3 roses tree, she just can’t get enough of roses. […] More

  • front yard flower garden

    Flower garden design for front yard

    While maintaining a flower garden can be an enjoyable hobby, many gardeners find that planning and planting requires a certain amount of skill, but with a little practice, almost anyone can design a beautiful flower bed. Provided you have a basic understanding of the need for vertile soil and sunlight plant, and learn a little […] More

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    Designing Your Home Garden is Quite a Task!

    When it comes to beautifying your home, a garden plays an eminent role undoubtedly. A home garden is a place which provides a different look to the entire area. The people who stay in the home or the ones who visit their i.e. the relatives and neighbours get a glance of it most of the […] More