Designing Your Home Garden is Quite a Task!

Let’s Discover What it Includes

Small Garden Design

When it comes to beautifying your home, a garden plays an eminent role undoubtedly. A home garden is a place which provides a different look to the entire area. The people who stay in the home or the ones who visit their i.e. the relatives and neighbours get a glance of it most of the times. There are so many ways to plan your home garden. One has to keep in mind the things that provide the garden a serene look plus help in adding to the embellishment of the home.

Area of garden

First of all, what matters the most in designing your home garden is your love for plants. If you are really a kind of person who want to devote  a  bigger part of his home to the greenery, you can have  a huge lush garden. On the other hand, if it’s just an element of beautification, a smaller garden will also go. No matter how small or big your hoem garden is, you can still plan its designing and make it look amazing.

Patterns and textures

To provide a whimsy look to your garden, try different patterns. There are so many patterns of the plants, foliage, grass which you can include in your garden. Varying textures will also work. You can however repeat some texture at some places in order to provide the consistency to the design. But don’t be afraid of using mixed and contrasting textures. They will add a tinge of variety and liveliness to your home garden
metal and stone benche in garden design

Shapes and colours

To make your garden more interesting, you can use different shaped plants, trees and even foliage. Like the ones with round leaves and the ones with bunny tail shaped leaves. Long leafy plants look good at times and the plants with tiny flowers also go with the look of the garden.


You can even use containers in your garden. These can be shifted as and when needed. Moreover, if there are not enough plants at some place or the growth has been inadequate. These containers can be used to balance the fuller look of the garden. Also, to further revamp, one can use colourful pots and designer pots. The striking colours of plants and flowers look terrific with corresponding coloured pots.

container flower pot for garden container herb pot for backyard garden

Garden elements and found objects

One can even use some eye catching garden elements like  a big ball with glass work or some other instrument that one would to like to see  to be put somewhere in the garden. These things usually add grace to the garden. The gardener can even make use of some randomly found stuff to prettify the garden.

Edging and flower beds
Making edges in the garden also helps in improving its look and providing a cleaner and well managed appearance. One can use beach rocks or white rocks to make an edging or even the flower beds can serve the same purpose.

Space for yourself

If you have such a beautiful garden, it should have proper space for yourself to sit and have   a gaze over it. You can put proper garden furniture to provide the lawns a nice look if you wish so. Moreover, make sure everything in your garden is what you like and somewhere reflects your personality. You can break the rules and use anything you like including coloured foliage or uneasy plants, tall trees or dwarf spruce trees.

Thus, designing a garden actually needs your attention. Once you decide how your garden will look like, you will enjoy your crispy evenings or the peaceful mornings in your amazing home garden.


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