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Unique DIY Gift Ideas: Heart Shape Light Bulb

Finished DIY project using recycle light bulb for your other half

Last week, I published a DIY Gift Ideas using a recycle box for hand towel. The decorated box can then be used in either a living room or a garden. Today, let’s try another DIY project which will take less than 2 hours to do. The theme is a unique gift for loved one. Particularly, I like the […]

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3 beautiful corner tree bookshelf that you could DIY

corner tree hand painted with bookshelf

Be inspired, do it yourself with these beautiful corner tree bookshelf. Well, kind of as depending on how good you are, diy may not necessary your cup of tea and therefore hiring someone who is good with wooden stuff may be a good ideas. Nevertheless, with these cute corner tree bookshelf photos, you would get […]

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67 Fun DIY Wooden Key Holder for wall Ideas You Can Do

block of oak magnetic key rack

When I moved into my current house last two years, I did not have a single key holder. During winter 2016, my long distant relative came for a visit for which he had stayed over two weeks with me. One Saturday morning, I brought him to a flea market in the neighbourhood. Chanced upon a […]

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Giving New Life to Old Appliances in Your Kitchen

magenta kitchen with functional shel

I don’t know about you, but when I start something, no matter how big, I like to see it all the way through. With that being said, last year when I began the arduous task of renovating my poor, old kitchen, I noticed that my appliances were in need of some desperate help; especially if […]

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