12 great ideas for baby boy’s rooms that you can implement immediately [photos]

contemporary baby boy nursery room decorative ideas

I had my first boy 7 years a go. I remember vividly that day like it was yesterday. It was one fine winter night, it was dry and clear night. My wife suddenly felt uneasy at around 2am in the morning. I told her to get back to bed as it was still early in […]

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5 ideas for small living room furniture arrangement [photos]

small living room furniture arrangment for studio apartment

A beautiful house is not just a view from outside but also a design from an inside. It is imperative to decorate your interior of the house nicely with quality products. These items are not necessary expensive by nature but the most important part is its arrangement. That is why in this post, I am […]

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5 best photos of strategic heritage plan for the palais des nations Geneva, Switzerland

night view of the new capital master plan in United Nations Office at Geneva Switzerland

Strategic Heritage Plan or SHP is a renovation project undertaken by United Nations Office at Geneva. Similar to the Capital Master Plan at the UN office in New York, this SHP intends to renovate the existing UN in Geneva to be more energy efficiency while adding more office space to the UN staff. There are […]

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6 unseen interior photos of Glory Shipping office space in Singapore

Glory Shipping Company Singapore Meeting Room

Atelier M & A is based in Singapore. This design studio is a brain chain of Masaki Harimoto and Ng Ai Hwa. Located at Maude Road in central Singapore, this design house aims at quality design and architecture servicing to client. With so many portfolio done to date, the Atelier M&A is one of the […]

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7 Best Vintage letter holder wall mount for your home

rustic heartshape vintage mail holder for wall

I’ve never had any letter holders for my house. I used to keep those letters just on my tables or kitchen counter. This was changed when my uncle came to visit me in winter 2016. At that time after his return from a flea market, he has bought for me a vintage key holder with […]

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how to make key holder from waste material – silver foil roll

I am still a big fan of do it yourself project. Hence recently I have posted an epic content on fun idea for key holders wall mounted which has generated quite a buzz among the internet users. What I love about DIY project is that you can simply make use of any waste material to be something useful. I recall vividly that my son who is 5 years old always asked me not to throw the toilet paper roll as he would uses it to build his car garage, he found on youtube. Since then I usually don’t throw the toilet paper rolls and keep them for my son’s creativity.

Today, when I browse through youtube, I found this key holder diy project at home with waste silver foil roll. I thought it is quite a neat project. A plus of this key holder is that it has a space to keep pens and pencils some more. Enjoy…

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