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    Home Office Ideas To Work From Home

      Utilize the cozy corner of the house to set up your home office A cozy corner is a great home office idea as it allows you to relax and work at the same time. You can make sure that while setting up your home office, you have windows that have a great view. Sceneries […] More

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    How To Decorate With Vases with these 11 never seen before Tips

    Do you want to add freshness with effortless, easy, and cheap decorations? We have some ideas for you. We will help you to decorate with vases. Vases are beauties that never run out of style and add value to your decorations. It is that time of the year when you can add lots of colorful […] More

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    6 Extraordinary Tips to renovate your Bathroom

    Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? You must be looking for some tips that will make your bathroom unique and extraordinary within a limited budget. Then you are on the perfect site! We have some top tips for you to make your bathroom look stunning.  The size of the bathroom is not compulsory to […] More

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    The Trend of curtains in 2021

    Have you ever wondered how you can follow the trends of curtains in 2021 and change your house’s look without doing much? Well, when you have spent a prolonged time in your house, it seems boring to look at the same furniture. This is why, instead of purchasing new furniture and spending lots of money […] More

  • 5 Tips to a perfect round furniture

    5 Tips to a perfect round furniture

    Are you tired of looking at the same furniture all-around your house? Worry not! We have excellent news for you! And that is the new trendy designs of 2021 are not pointed edges but rather round furniture. For nearly a decade, square and rectangular-shaped furniture has been dominating the interior designing industry. But after the […] More

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    Mid Century Modern Sofa Style

    Mid-century styles have, unsurprisingly, come back into fashion with a modern twist added to the beautiful designs and color swatches. Many people are now taking designs straight from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine over fifty years ago and creating an elegant yet modern living space the whole family can enjoy. When you think about […] More

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    Intex 6 person inflatable hot tub reviews

    For those who like to enjoy occasional trips to a luxury spa but cannot afford the price, a portable hot tub might prove to be the best solution. These tubs have recently been introduced to the market but have received great reviews from the customers. If you’re looking to get the luxury of a hot […] More

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    5 simple beach shacks for homestay in Cambodia

    Last update as of 31 January 2021: It’s been 2 years since I wrote this article. Now, moving toward 2021, Sihanouk Ville has been developping in a dragon speed. With more than 1400 constructions are ongoing as of today, Sihanoukville is one of the top city in Cambodia with highest newly built building. Most of […] More

  • How to effectively plan the space in your home

    How to effectively plan the space in your home

    Making the best use of your space means making the most of your current house and decorating it according to the highlights of the walls, floors, and ceiling. For example, If you have high ceilings, you immediately have more options to enhance your space with a mezzanine or high bespoke walls. If you have a […] More

  • Wooden wheel chandelier with 8 head

    13 antique farmhouse wood beam island hanging pendant light chandelier

    A very cold welcoming to 2021. My mercury has dropped to 28 Fahrenheit and I relax on my round couch without the worry of the Covid-19 pandemic. While January is the time of the year where most people start to think of their resolution, for me, it is time of the year to plan for […] More

  • Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Are you a pet owner? Then take a look at this cute hammock for cat. This is very unique ideas and they are so beautiful. A unique idea for hammocks come from the Crib, this is a great Paint hammock for your pets. things that are unique from the bed this is located under the […] More

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