5 great gift ideas for new homeowners in 2014

frame photograph on the wall

With new year around the corner , this is the best time to exchange gifts with friends and family. Gifts are an expression of one’s love and good wishes and hence it is important to select them intelligently instead of buying something random. Also it is a smart idea to gift your near and dear ones something that can be useful to them. For example if you have any friends or relatives who have recently moved in to a new home then it is a great idea to give something that can be useful to them in their new home. The following are some unique ideas of gifts for new homeowner in 2014.

1) Champagne Flutes – Purchasing a new home is one of the most memorable and happy moments of one’s life. This is also a perfect occasion which calls for a celebration. Giving a champagne flute as a gift for new homeowners is a great way to express your happiness and best wishes for them . This gift will enable them to celebrate their joy in style.
edge champagne flute
2) Framed photographs of fond memories – It is the emotional touch , sentiments and warmth of compassion which makes a residential property as one’s home. One great gift idea for new home owners would be to give them photographs of some of their most memorable moments of life that they cherish, in a beautiful frame. Considering the popularity of digital photo frames nowadays even that can be a great idea where pictures of the people close to the home owner’s house can be put up. This is indeed a very heart warming gift that the receiver will always cherish and appreciate.
frame photograph on the wall
3) A customized sign demonstrating the house address– This is a unique gift which a new home owner will love. A customized sign mentioning the house owners name and number in an interesting way is surely a great gift idea.

4) Gift cards – Even though this seems to be a safe option but it will be highly appreciated by people to whom it is given.Shifting to a new house requires shopping for a huge list of items. Instead of assuming what might be of help, presenting gift cards will give the new home owners the freedom to pick something that they require.

5) A beautiful storage box filled with emergency staples – When someone shifts into a new house it does take a lot of time to set it up properly. In such a situation when every thing is yet to be settled down properly , gifting a beautiful storage box with pantry staples that can be stored for long and also including items that can be used to munch occasionally while setting up the house is a lovely idea. It should include things that are not perishable in nature and have a good shelf life . Also there should be a combination of ready to eat stuffs like cookies, energy bar, wafers and uncooked foodstuffs like pasta, sauce and other staples. This is a very thoughtful gift idea that will be highly appreciated by your loved ones who have just moved in to the new home.


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