5 tricks to get rid of houseflies quickly that works

Tired of home remedy for houseflies control that doesn’t work? The only trick that work is…

Flies are a nuisance but they do serve a valuable purpose to the ecosystem. It is not a viable option to eliminate them completely. However, this does not mean that you should put up with them in your home! Myself especially, I cannot stand the nasty blue head fly who are not just noisy but can be health issue if he lands his carcass on my prepared food. In fact, flies in your home are undesirable as they carry a host of diseases. These are exceptionally easy to spread.

Every time a fly lands it is testing the surface via sensors on its feet. These tell it whether it is food or not. If it decides it is edible then the fly will vomit onto the food. This vomit is acidic and dissolves the food so that the fly can suck it up. Unfortunately due to the mixing of the fly’s vomit and the food, you may suffer from constant diarrhea; it literally never stops. This is why you need to ensure you have the best methods of fly control possible.

Below is my top 5 methods that work in fly control indoor:

5 tips to get rid of flies fast that work

The Electric Fly Trap

You’ve probably seen these in restaurants. The small device on the wall that looks a little like a 2 bar fire but glows blue. This is designed to attract flies and, when they reach it they will be killed by the electrical current passing through the device. There are now many different styles of this design which make it possible to install one at home. It can look stylish and virtually invisible! These electric fly trap, also known as fly killer light while powerful to eliminate flies problem at home, when flies get killed, there are particle from the flies that will eject to the air. These particles can then be spread to the surrounding which you can easily inhale them. Therefore, it is important not to place this fly killing unit near to the place where you prepare your food. Furthermore, do not try to let these blue light be seen from outside your house. Otherwise, you may attract more flies or other unwanted insects to inside the house.

Keep It Clean

The electrical trap is great at killing flies that do enter your building. However, they say prevention is better than cure. It is far more desirable to keep the flies out in the first place. This is actually surprisingly easy to do.

Flies are attracted to rotting food. It can be overripe fruit or actually decaying food in your bins. This is why it is essential to remove food waste in sealed bags and place it at least 6 feet from your house. But, you also need to keep your house clean. Small crumbs of food may be virtually unnoticed by us but the flies, and other insects, will notice them. They will come into your property to consume them and then return for more. By cleaning the work surfaces properly and keeping all food either in sealed containers, the refrigerator or the bin, the flies will have no reason to come into your home.

In practical terms, you can do the following:

  • Take out your trash daily
  • Tie any loose plastic bag with food in it
  • Clean up the table after you dine
  • Wipe any spills quickly
  • Cover any non-refrigerated foods
  • Keep pet feeding and litter areas clean this is because animal waste is one reason there is housefly
  • Remove decayed indoor plant/leaves soon so that the fly wont lay their eggs there

Fly Spray

Again this deals with the flies after they have come into your house but it is another effective method for getting rid of them. All you need to do is pick a fly spray that kills efficiently and spray it on them and where their nests might be. However it is worth noting that some of the fly sprays contain some quite noxious chemicals. These can be harmful to humans when breathed in. You need to ensure you pray in well ventilated areas and never over food or food surfaces.

source: Learn how to DIY homemade fly trap that works

Home Remedy: Vinegar fly control

Indeed, this is a long standing working tips to keep fly away from your home. As you probably know the houseflies are very likely attracted to moist and fermented fruit products. Hence, the apple cider vinegar mix is ideal to trap these flies and eliminate them. So how you do it? Here, you go:

Use a shallow mason jar. Fill it with a bit of apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of sugar. To attract the filth fly, add some fruit scented dish soap is recommended. You can either leave this dish uncovered or tightly cover it with food wrap but remember to poke the cover with holes to allow the flies to get in.

mason jar fly trap with vinegar
source: using recycle mason jar for fruit fly trap.

Exclusion method to protect your home from flies

The best method yet is to prevent the houseflies from entering your resident at all cost. This includes the proofing of doors and windows. It is obvious that flies need open space to enter any home. Doors and windows are open space that could attract the flies. To prevent or limit the fly infestation, you may want to install the screen protectors. Just like my home, I install these protectors on all my windows which let in fresh air while keeping all these nasty fly away.

Final Thought

And there you go, my five tips on how to get rid of flies in the house quickly. If you still face with house fly infestation, then you can get professional assistance but this should not generally be necessary.

5 tips to get rid of house flies quick that will amaze you


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