Glamor Barcelona Apartment by Philip Fransesc Mitjans in 1950s

classic Glamor Barcelona apartmentLocated in a building designed by Philip Fransesc Mitjans in 1950s, this glamor Barcelona apartment – with its great light and proportions – is a wonderful example of a timeless design that remain substantially unaltered through the years. That’s why the current owners really appreciate it and asked Patrizia Casarini and Monica Colominas of the Dalla Polvere interior design studio only to restructured the kitchen so that it can be more workable for a family with 4 members.

The kitchen was originally divided into three areas: washing, ironing, and cooking. Now, it is consolidated into main kitchen area and a home office. The particular apartment seems extremely enlightening, antique furniture plus a collection of contemporary art brings warmth towards the living area.

classic fireplace and living room of Barcelona’s apartment in a 1950s building by Philip Fransesc Mitjans
A family of four can live comfortably in this Philip Fransesc Mitjans’s building in Barcelona
Classic orange sofa in a 1950’s building by Philip Fransesc Mitjans in Barcelona
beautiful Philip Fransesc Mitjans ‘s bedroom

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