Pink heart Shaped Mug

buyNeed Chinese tea cup with saucer set in pink color

Looking for a gift for girlfriend or wife? Yes that was the question I asked myself for my birthday of my wife. Her loves for pink is just phenomenon. She would jump and kiss me whenever I get her pink roses. In fact, even her iPhone 4 cover case was pink at one point. As such, today as part of the birthday gift ideas, I am showing you 2 pink heart shaped mug that you can buy for less than 20$.

BuyNeeed’s Pink Tea Cup with Saucer Set

This cute ceramic tea cup is designed with a sweetheart in mind. The mug itself, the spoon (yes, it comes with a spoon) and the saucer are all equipped with heart shaped or feature. It is a great set for any birthday girl. Highly recommended.

buyNeed Chinese tea cup with saucer set in pink color

This bone china quality cup has capacity of between 200 and 300 ml. The cup is made from ceramic and hence can hold any hot beverage such as tea or coffee without an issue. Well, to be fair, you can actually get a blue or white color set directly from amazon for 13.99USD.

ceramic pink heart shaped tea mug for girlfriend

This teacup isn’t expensive consider the quality and the beauty that it gives.

ceramic pink heart shaped mug with love sign spoon and saucer

pink heart shaped mug with LOVE letter for girlfriend
pink heart shaped mug with LOVE letter for girlfriend

Well, it would be unfair to just showcasing a pink cup without revealing its blue counter part. So here you go, below is a photo of a man’s coffee mug that would be perfect for any couple. Instead of buying an individual cup, get this couple mug instead.

blue china bone coffee mug for boyfriend
This is a Blue bone china coffee mug for boyfriend. Get it with the pink version to make a perfect couple mugs.

couple coffee mug pink and blue for any lover
See the couple mug in practice. Side by side coffee mugs . The pink to the left and the blue to the right.

Pink Heart Shaped with Roses Leaves Illustration Pattern

Did you see the heart shaped coffee mug that fits together yet? Yes, this is one of the kind that you can buy online. Check the price on amazon by clicking here. pink heart connected coffee mugs


That is it for now. My life still having fun and enjoy the Pink heart shaped Tea Cup with Saucer Set. Hope you find this post useful for your gift ideas.

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