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Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

Middle East produces one of the best quality rugs in the world. Of no exception is this reds Meshkin Tribal rug Persian. This Persian rugs adds additional beauty to any home. Whether it is to be used in a traditional home or a modern home, handmade vintage rugs maintains its quality, softness, smoothness, durability, originality and charm throughout one’s entire life.

Its a dominant red color and lots of ram and bird icon symbolizes courage, this is a beautiful vintage tribal rug available for sale.

Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

Introducing Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

This rug’s size is 7 ft. by 3 ft. 5 . The carpet is original from Azerbaijan and Kurdish.

Abrash is created by changing the dye batches of similar colors, leaving swaths of divergent colors side by side. This is not a flaw, it creates a painterly effect and is one of the charming features of village and tribal carpets.

Unlike the machine made Persian rugs, this handmade reds Meshkin tribal rug takes almost 7 to 9 months to complete. It is also pretty heavy I must say.

Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian 2

Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian 3
Featuring birds and giraffe, this blue and fade red and black Persian rugs is an amazing piece which takes more than 7 months to produce.

Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian 4

Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian 5

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