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DIY Jar Pendant Light

DIY Jar Pendant Light

This is the perfect DIY Jar Pendant Light vintage blue ball perfect Mason Quart made of jars. Each bottle has a light switch on/off switch so that Light is generated you can customize.

DIY Jar Pendant Light

DIY Jar Pendant Light

In the example screenshot below you can see that the DIY Jar Pendant Light has a vintage blend of Mason, brass finish canopy (ceiling mount) and all hardware needed for installation. This follows the standard chandelier lamp households there to conform with usage, but jars get hot. So we’ve included 5 fluorescent light bulbs that will virtually eliminate hot in jars.

DIY Jar Pendant Light 2

DIY Jar Pendant Light 3

DIY Jar Pendant Light 4

DIY Jar Pendant Light 5

SourceDave and Jackie

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