Before buying your first personal drone, Read this first


Drone is no longer just for army in Pakistan or war-torn country. This remote control unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) become a mainstream in most country and its price is getting more cheaper by months. Drone is definitely becoming more and more popular nowadays. So before you buy your first personal drone, read on.

1- Not all personal drone are easy to flight

easy to use vs drone price

According to my research, expensive does not means easy to fly, maintain or use whereas cheap drone does not give an easy option for beginner either. The ideal price I find the balance with the ease of flying is in the range of 700$ to 900$. There is no scientific rule to this and it is base on my personal experience only.

As you may have heard, depending on the flight controller setup, one rc uav is tailored toward agile and complex handling while other drone is configured for stability. As such, remember to check the ease of use before buying your first cheap drone.

2- What do you intend to use your drone for?

I recall my first drone was a Hubsan X4 which I had paid around 50$ from Amazon. My sole purpose at that time was to learn how to fly a drone. As such, I did not invest so much money to buy a sophisticate flight controller rc drone. Instead, I choose a simple drone for my first experience flying it.

Nevertheless, other may decide to invest upfront on the best suite quad-copter in the first place. As such, think of what will you use this rc vehicle for? simple hobby time at your backyard or for taking selfie or even live streaming from an accident side (like the drone captured recent earthquake in Nepal). Regardless of the purpose, there is always a drone for all occasion.

3- Check your local regulation

Due to the fast pace adoption of personal drone in the market, each local government is scramble to setup guideline and law on what type of drone can be purchased and fly. Therefore it is important to check in your local neighborhood on what is the rule on personal uav.

4- Maintenance Plan

After all, drone is another aircraft and undeniable the “mayday” situation will happen when your drone hit hard on the ground. Having a set of spare part ready in your inventory is important to reduce waiting time until your next purchase.


5- Where to buy your first drone

If you look hard enough on your next visit to any hobby or toy shop, you will find some basic drone on sale. Nevertheless, these shops may not have all range of the RC UAV you wish for. Fret not! online shop comes to rescue. One of the many online shop is this place called which has many type of personal drone and spare parts. Likewise, you will also be able to buy the remote control drone from the amazon store as well.


Written by Toby

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