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  • Catable 2 designer desk for cats

    CATable 2.0’s modular design is perfect for cats – Here’s why

    Catable 2.0’s modular design is so perfect for any feline. It is a unique block type designed by Ruan Hao, a lead architect from LYCS Architecture base in Hongkong. The first prototype called CATable 1.0 was created in 2013. It was engraved from one single solid piece of wood and made to be cuboid with tunnels inside. […] More

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    Cardboard Furniture Series for Semi-temporary Dwelling’s Student

    If you are a semi-temporary dwelling’s student who lives far from your home, you will probably need short-term furnishings in your dorm. Cardboard Furniture is a right choice. It is very simple, but very useful for those who need short-term furnishings. An Australian Company, Karton, had perfectly successful to develop some series of Cardboard Furniture […] More

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    The Polizi Outdoor Sofa Set by Tosh Furniture

    Manufactured by Tosh Furniture for the Terra Collection, The Polizi Outdoor Sofa Set offers you the solutions for your modern living room along with upholstered seat and some a variety of coffee tables. With stylish designs that offer quality materials for your modern home and provide comfort to you, when you’re lounging in beautiful weather. […] More

  • Colorful Kids Bedroom by Dearkids
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    Colorful Kids Bedroom by Dearkids

    Your kids might be infatuated by one certain favorite color or more. When the time comes up, they will need their own bedroom. Your task as a parent is to provide a best suitable bedroom that makes them feel comfortable and warm because bedroom is a place where they will spend one third of their […] More