Zebra ZD500 Review

bacode printer ZD500 review

bacode printer ZD500 reviewI am a functional expert in SAP implementation in a regional company. Recently we had roll out a new phase of the implementation in the area of Plant Maintenance. This SAP module covers management of equipment which include the tagging of individual serialized item. That means it is necessary to have a barcode being affixed into this individual equipment. Among our team review, we suggests two thermal barcode printer namely:  ZD500 PRINTERS and ZT400 SERIES INDUSTRIAL. Today I will attempt to review the lower and cheaper barcode printer of the two.  

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Zebra ZD500 Thermal Desktop Printer Review

The ZD500 offer high resolution print quality in compact form. It is suitable for low to medium printing requirement with its print speeds of 2 to 6 ips and up to 1’000 per day. It is an easy to integrate and can be used anywhere.

The printer runs in direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. And as you may know, the thermal based barcode printers provide the cheapest way to print barcode, label, tag and receipts. This thermal method is easy to maintain while keeping the excellent print quality. 

When deciding which barcode printer to buy, you may want to ask the following questions:

  • Where will this barcode printer be used?
  • How often do you use them?
  • What kind of media will be used? a wristband, a label , a tag or receipt?
  • Do you request a wireless capability ?

In our SAP implementation case, the answer is quite basic in the way that we dont require continuous printing nor to place the barcode printer in a rugged location. Nevertheless, we would require a wireless capability.

In light of the above, the ZD500 thermal printer as well as the ZT400 fits the bill well.  You may want to know that both of them have the Bluetooth and wifi capability as an option which facilitate the printing to just anywhere.

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ZD500 Specification

ZD500 has many features and below are just some specification which is relevant for my company implementation:

  • Easy loading of any ribbon
  • Four connectivity method: Parallel, USB, Serial and Ethernet with (as an option) Wireless—802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 dual-radio.
  • Multi language supported through the Unicode compliant
  • Can use in the US or elsewhere thanks to it Auto-switching 100-240V power supply
  • Resolution at 230 dpi or 8 dots per mm.
  • Can print up to 39 inch  or 990 mm in length.
  • Can print from SAP plant maintenance module by using tcode IE05
  • Read other ZD500 spec in Amazon.

inside ZD500 review

In conclusion

ZD500 thermal barcode printer fits the requirement for our SAP implementation. I myself, had tested the printing capability through the SAP Equipment list (tcode: IE05). I have no issue in recommending this thermal barcode printer for your SAP implementation.

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