6 unseen interior photos of Glory Shipping office space in Singapore

Atelier M & A is based in Singapore. This design studio is a brain chain of Masaki Harimoto and Ng Ai Hwa. Located at Maude Road in central Singapore, this design house aims at quality design and architecture servicing to client. With so many portfolio done to date, the Atelier M&A is one of the leading Singapore interior designer.

Unlike previous posts where I focused on residential architecture, today it is about office interior design. Essentially, take a look at one piece that is created by Atelier MA itself. Completed in 2016, the office renovation for a Glory Shipping company near to Marina Bay area was one project featured by this Singapore design firm. Based on Zen concept, it involved a curved wall and ceiling leading to the board meeting room and general open space office concept with lots of storage location. as a result of this redesign, the workforce enjoys better working environment.

Enjoy the photos of Glory Shipping Office Space design by Singapore firm

atelier M and A singapore office space design

Singapore Office space interior photo – interior design of an office space in Singapore.

board meeting room interior design singapore atelier

Board meeting room Office in Singapore by Atelier M&A

curve line office space in singapore by atelier ma

Glory Shipping Entrance hall way with curved wall and ceiling leading to general office space designed by Atelier M&A.

Glory Shipping Company Singapore Meeting Room

Gloy Shipping meeting room office space design by Singapore firm – Atelier M&A

glory shipping company office space interior design outside view singapore office space design by atelier ma


Conclusion Remark

It is important to have a harmony working space. Therefore, having a great interior designer to help with your renovation work is important. Give Atelier MA of Singapore a try if you like what you see here.

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