Living Room Decorative Design and Use Shelves

The living room is the place where most of the German and plentiful staying. Here he creates his own empire, sets up and makes it really comfortable. According flexible and, despite all the design features, the whole thing must be clear. It can be no slouch, constantly creates the modern technological approach and flirts openly and honestly with the constant changes. On special occasions, the living room is not for nothing that the retreat for the parents of the child’s birthday or after the festive Christmas feast with the family. How well do you manage to create your own home decor, I’ll tell you the following:

“May it be something more?”

The question that many probably know from the sausage and cheese counter in the local supermarket runs, similar to several decisions of the modern Germans. So he no mess, he stock response. That’s not too little, but it is a nightmare to implement changes immediately. Thus, couples quarrel is not often because is discussed after a visit with friends about how the living room now converted rearranged, equipped, or whatever redesigned.Problems of space or enough space for the everyday things of life are often contentious issues. Rooms should be clearly designed not only for a beautiful appearance, but also for the practical detection of everyday things. Remedy it creates a new trend in home accessories: whatnots! Whatnots, which often led a miserable existence in backyards and bad hotels, bring them back to glory. Thus, they provide but for the same area many times more than what they were originally made: as storage and for decoration.

Contemporary or classic, old-fashioned, a question that can be answered differently even with a cake stand. The advantages of this very useful invention are obvious: They can be stacked in height, rotate flexibly and turn, and then move or carry away, when simply is no time for that. But also the presentation effect may of course not be neglected. Many use whatnots today to present baked goods such as muffins, cupcakes or homemade chocolates and offer guests stylish. Are also quite classic like fruits and vegetables, shown in place of a fruit basket, on a cake stand.

Ablage Deluxe

ablage_deluxeSo here we are already talking about the topic: Storing or not? Certainly, the one or the other to be inclined to just times when visiting the house is often not to neglect the presentation sense of home and domestic order a little. Announce to guests at more places you care about how it looks in a home.As for “pigsty” is the credo only exceptions. As it is the decorative sense and useful character of this home accessories to Good. Etageres banish the one hand, useless and sometimes unsightly things from the living room table, on the other hand dragging the viewer’s eye directly to it. Etageres are offered from every conceivable material such as plastic or wood from online retailers. Order high quality and exclusive online whatnots, of course, is also possible. For this home accessory it is worthwhile for a stylish table setting, invest a few more euros. For everyday use ranging from safety with even simpler models. Especially in spring with spring cleaning you are looking to bring home ideas and home accessories without spending too much effort and money changing. A cake stand, as a small change is certainly worth considering.


For more momentum within the four walls

For more momentum and fresh air in your own home, there are even more tips: Many swear by on Feng Shui design tips. One tip you should heed more often, it is to banish all the old and kitsch from the home on a regular basis. Once this is done, ventilate all rooms thoroughly once. Then it can go to the redecorating. For walls, wall stickers are an alternative to wallpaper the latest craze. With them you can decorate any room theme. To set up not only in your living room literally several topics corners with different wall decals. Many of Wall Stickers can be at any time without leaving a residue, replace. In order to remain flexible in design and can re-decorate again. Dekokristalle to glue can be applied to wall decals or wallpaper walls and give a sparkling look. In the kitchen are particularly popular and useful recordable decal film, at which important appointments or shopping list note and can be easily wiped away again.

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