Saving Energy through Green Building

Tubular Skylight

Saving Energy through Green BuildingDo you want to provide a safe, healthy place for your children to grow up? Do you concern about rising energy costs? Green home might be a best solution for you. Recently, building a green home is about doing our part to protect the environment, helping to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Quite often, when people think of green building, what comes to mind is the use of recycled-content building materials—insulation made from recycled newspaper, floor tiles made out of ground-up light bulbs, and so forth. Materials are indeed an important component of green construction, but this way of building goes much further. Green building addresses the relationship between a building and the land on which it sits; how the structure might help to foster a sense of community or reduce the need for automobile use by its occupants; how to minimize energy use in the building (energy consumption being one of the largest environmental impacts of any building); and how to create the healthiest possible living space. Make use of solar energy to provide natural day lighting, so that you use sunlight instead of electric lights during the daylight hours is one of green building concept. This can be done with windows, traditional skylights, and a relatively new type of tubular skylight.

Tubular Skylight
Tubular Skylights2

Taken from: Your Green Home, Alex Wilson (2006)


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