What Kind of Skylight that Fits Best For Your Home?

Before answering the question of what kind of skylight that fits best for your home, let’s dig fundamental information about skylight. What is skylight? Why use skylight?

Skylight is any horizontal window, roof lantern or oculus, placed at the roof of the building, and often used for day lighting. It admits more light per unit area than windows, and distributes it more evenly over a space. The use of skylights as a natural and efficient alternative to power generated interior lighting becomes obvious since electricity cost increases. Then, let’s continue figuring out about several kinds of skylights.

Self-Flashing Aluminum Skylights

Self-Flashing Aluminum Skylights
Aluminum Skylights

Self-flashing aluminum skylights are fit best for homes in temperate climate like Los Angeles because they bring healthy natural sunlight into indoor environment. Self-flashing aluminum skylights are available in single, double or triple acrylic domes or with either laminated single glaze or tempered/laminated insulated glass. While the frames are available in mill finish, bronze, driftwood or white powder coated 6063-T5 extruded aluminum.

Aluminum Self Flashing Operable skylights





Self-Flashing Aluminum Skylights2

Aluminum Self Flashing Operable skylights are not only functions as natural lighting, but also as ventilation. Same with type of skylights above, they are also available in single, double or triple acrylic domes or with either laminated single glaze or tempered/laminated insulated glass, including electric motor kit and remote controlled electric motor kit.

Curb Mounted Skylights





Aluminum Curb Mount Skylights

Curb Mounted skylights are a type of skylights that’s mounted to an installer provided, site-built curb. Every curb mounted skylight base is constructed of durable aluminum which will endure exposure to the elements for years to come. Most of them are available pre-assembled while others are pre-assembled and pre-glazed. They can be installed easily and quickly.

Whatever the type of skylights that you choose, you can customize them to any specific design requirements, size, or shape. Any industry glazing can be utilized in your skylight including high performance glass and polycarbonate. Shading options are also available to reduce heat gain and adjust sunlight penetration as desired. But remember that skylights that are installed poorly might leak some problems. So, make sure that you speak with and select a skylight installation expert to minimize leaks and maintenance over time.

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