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la case de cousin paul beautiful light ball to welcome 2014

Do you already know the spherical colorful lights from France? I see them everywhere at the moment. In Paris, there is a wonderfully cheerful store of La Case de cousin Paul (, who is definitely on the Paris shopping tour list. But Paris still up in the air right now, I was very excited as I have then discovered that there is an online configurator which allows you to put together your own fairy lights and become a light designer in an instance. There are myriad of accessories and color to choose from which it is so incredibly hard to make up our mind. Luckily, the site provide a pre-configure lighting kits such as Kit Lipez, Kit Koh Tao, Kit San Pedro and Kit Malabry to name a few. Once you are happy with your design, you can simply click order and voilà the light balls will be delivered to your door steps. Oh wait, if you have any coupon code (bon de reduction), you will save some money from your total cost, so remember to find one discount coupon online before pressing checkout.

For those prefer to go shop by yourself in Paris, below is the full address of the La Case de Cousin Paul luxury lighting store and its opening hour (horaire)

La case de cousin paul horaires (opening hour)
Monday to Friday 10h30 – 19h30
Saturday 10h – 20h
Sunday 11h – 19h
Address: 4 rue Tardieu 75018 Paris
Tel :  015 579 1941

la case de Cousin Paul Store in Paris

Some awesome lighting that you could buy from La Case de Cousin Paul:

beautiful la case de cousin paul lighting blue yellow and white
Beautiful lighting that will complement your beautiful canapé and photo frame on the wall. These la case de cousin paul lighting will add an expensive touch to your living room

beautiful la case de cousin paul lighting blue yellow and white

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