Becoming an Interior Designer for Our Own Home

Becoming an Interior Designer for Our Own Home

Becoming an Interior Designer for Our Own Home

Many people are hiring the professional interior designer to help them designing their rooms. However, not all of us are having high budget to hire the professional interior designer. If we have just bought a home and we want to decorate the house without having to hire an interior designer, then these tips can be our consideration.

First, if we have just bought our new house and we consider to decorate it, but we don’t have a master plan on the style, then it is recommended for us to keep wall simple. This tip goes perfectly especially for people who love collecting souvenirs or artworks. If we put too many decorations on the wall and floor, then our room will look so cluttered.

Second, if we ready to buy new furniture, make sure to make a good plan on the furniture like on the style of the room, the atmosphere, color combination and many others. One thing for sure, we are highly recommended to make the right measurement on the room and furniture. We can do this method to make the right measurement. We should scale the room and furniture with cutout furniture with 1 fee= 1 inch ratio and check if the furniture size we want to buy fits the room perfectly. One thing we have to remember is make sure that we still have comfortable ample space in our room.

Third, for us who are having small house, there are some considerations that should be made. To accommodate the space, we have to choose medium or small furniture. Not only physically, but also we have to consider the visual appearance of the room. Therefore, we are highly recommended to choose simple furniture without detail and decoration. Another thing we can do if we are having limited space is putting mirrors on the wall. Of course, we don’t have to put mirrors on every wall, but in some walls like the dinning room wall. Mirror will make the rooms feel bigger. The same thing goes for paint color. Using monochromatic color like using one color or two color with the same shades can make the rooms look bigger. The recommended colors for small space are beige, cream, whites and other light colors.

The overall look of our interior and exterior is paramount. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use plain color and design first if we still have no idea on what style and concept we want to use. If we are ready to make a project, we have to make a good plan in the room concept that includes furniture choosing, paint color choosing, light fixtures, curtain and many others. Our home should reflect our taste and personality. Therefore, make sure to create a good plan before making any execution.  If we are in budget, we don’t have to hire the professional interior designer because we can actually do everything by ourselves. If we have no idea about designing, then we can learn a lot from the home improvement magazines or on the internet. Designing and planning can be so much fun if we enjoy it.

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