Decorating ideas with Crystals

I once asked my decorative crystal ball and it said the following: A beautiful table decoration must neither expensive nor be expensive and you never crystal is actually wrong. I am outing myself as a big fan of Murano glass and indeed in any form. Glasses, vases, lamp bases – I just love everything beautiful. Also, exclusive crystal glasses from the factory have done it to me and there are so many opportunities to put it off in!

Back to Murano glass, my must-have item of the month are from the elegant glass lamp bases, they stole a magical atmosphere, almost all models are elegant and unique for me. It’s worth the search for vintage Murano lamps to start, maybe your one of the lucky ones so grab a piece of jewelry now! Crystal is always in fashion and is a house or an apartment, a special and personal touch.

For those of you that are DIY fans, there are so many incredibly great and simple ideas which can be prepared from a wide variety of glasses including lamps. My favorite is the lamp construction of Mason Jars, more information can be found here.
For which your crystal elements you also decides the imagination knows no limits, my tip is combining various colors, shapes and sizes. Whether as a table decoration, especially nice on a shelf or on a Coffetable … the imagination has no limits. And best of all: Anything goes!

glass_lamps Mason_Jar_Lamp_s crystal_cup crystal_decanter

Written by Toby

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