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3 Must Have Features In Dream Homes

Did you know the three secret features your dream home is missing?

beautiful modern home features

Did you know that 35% of Americans have already bought their dream home? This leads to the question of what is a dream home. After all, surely everyone’s image of the perfect home is different.

You might be surprised to know that most people’s idea of a dream home is not actually a massive mansion; people generally have more realistic ideas. With this in mind and the fact that the Australian market is set to cool this year, now might be the time to fund the home of your dreams.

beautiful modern home features

It might help to know the 3 features which are most commonly found in dream homes:

Grand Staircase

The epitome of a dream house is the sweeping staircase, elegantly reaching into the stars. In reality the staircase doesn’t need to be quite as grand as in a Disney movie. It simply needs to state elegance and style.

But, one feature which is often overlooked and is an integral part of creating the right staircase is the balustrade. In fact stainless steel balustrades are currently the most popular choice as they portray the simplistic, classic design with a contemporary flair.

grand staircase by mosaic architecture
grand staircase by mosaic architecture

There are hundreds of different styles available; you’ll need to speak to an expert to select the right design for your dream home.

Open Space Living

The next most popular feature of a dream home is an open plan living area. The décor should be minimalistic and simple enough to allow easy vision between the room spaces.

This will help to create the ‘wow’ factor as you and friends arrive at your home. But it can also make the family feel together even when in different room spaces and completing different things. Of course, if you’re a parent this is also a great feature to ensure you can keep a good eye on your children. It is beneficial if this open living area extends into a rear conservatory style room and on to the garden. This will create the illusion of additional space, if you need it.


Perhaps the most important factor in any dream home is maximum light. In general a dream home has a good level of privacy ensuring that the need for curtains or blinds is less. This means that you can maximize the number of windows and doors, flooding your home with light.

Sunlight can help you to feel in a positive mood and deal with a huge array of issues; it can also help to make your home feel more like you are outdoors, even when the weather is not great.

A natural extension of the light factor is to have an outside entertaining space which is connected directly to your home. This will allow for entertainment at the highest level and for you to enjoy the weather, on good days and bad.

classic home with maximum sun light

Final Remark on Dream Home Features

There are many personal features that you might wish to see in your dream home but these 3 are found in the majority of dream homes simply because they make the home more pleasant to live in.


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