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Types of Garage Door Openers We Should Know About

Micanan - Commercial Door Opening Devices

Micanan - Commercial Door Opening Devices

Garage door openers are not something we buy every day, so it is quite understandable if we have no idea on how to buy the right openers. When we check the market, we might be surprised on the variety of openers and they make the choosing so much harder. There are so many considerations we have to make like the type of the drive, power, door size, safety and security features, lights, battery backup, remote and wall controls and many others.


The first thing we should understand is the type of the garage door openers. We can find the chain-drive openers. The type is the oldest style of openers. They have good value and very popular. Even though they can be quite noisy, but they still become people’s choice. Make sure to use ones if the garage is far from the bedroom. Another type of openers is belt-drive openers. They are similar to chain-driver type, but instead of chain, the openers use rubber belt.

micanan pro gt gsd

Micanan PRO GT GSD


Last, but not least, we can find screw-drive openers. They are the gate between the previous openers. The openers are more silent because they have fewer moving parts and they require very little maintenance. Not only is that, these garage door parts very easy to install. To find the high quality parts, we can directly go to

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