Planting Indoor Herb Garden at Home

There are lots of reasons for indoor herb garden to be one of the most popular kinds of garden. For a beginner, an indoor herb garden is easier to handle. In addition to its useful functions as cooking ingredient and medicine, indoor herb garden can also be used as home décor. You can put it in a plant window at your kitchen if you have one. But, even if you don’t have it, you still can have an indoor garden.

First, choose the herbs that you want to plant. Thyme, sweet marjoram, and summer savory would be some good choices to be considered. They can be used to flavor soups and only need 5 to 8 inches of space to grow.

Indoor herb gardens usually plant in pot. The place where the pots will be located is the next thing that should be taken into consideration. Putting them on a sunny windowsill is preferable, but you can also put them under fluorescent light at your kitchen cabinet. Use an appropriate potting soil mix for constructing your herb garden. Potting soil enriches with fertilizer, plant food, appropriate pH level, and sometimes includes water absorbing fibers to keep plants evenly watered.

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