My Pot is Upside Down

My world is sometimes head, but can now also flowerpots. No, they did not read wrong, flower pots can now not only take place on a window sill, especially modern copies hanging from the ceiling. How is this possible? I was also wondering. After all, is subject to the potting soil nor the laws of gravity, is not it?

Flower pots to hang from the ceiling, there is just the design of Boskke Fab Shop to buy. Not only single color variants are to buy there, but also which in a modern style.That, together with the soil in the pot the plant remains, ensures a net-like cover. But the revolutionary flower pot upside down can do more with a sophisticated irrigation system, the “Sky Planter’s reservoir”, the plants are continuously supplied with water. The pots of Boskke are handcrafted and made ​​of high quality ceramic. For secure attachment hooks and ropes can also be purchased at this Fab. So if you are interested or your orchid to consider the Cyprus Grass times upside down, then take a look as soon as possible past the Fab sales campaign. This expires today almost 10 days.

upside_down_pot3 upside-down-flower-pot

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