Low maintenance garden design ideas

Plant the right plant in the right place is a key towards low maintenance garden. What I mean by the right plant is the type of flower that could grow by itself naturally with less attention to it, for example: the Velvet cloak smoke tree, the Jules Verne Peony, the Japanese Barberry or the Bloody Cranesbill to name a few. For more name, looking through your local garden store through the seed catalogues to find low maintenance plants. The descriptions in the catalogue contain cultural information and preferences for optimal plant growth for your garden. Furthermore,  your county agent will also have advice on trees, plants and shrubs low maintenance grow best in your area.

The right place refers to the characteristics and conditions of the growing area. Consider the amount of time it receives direct sunlight, sun or part shade. Check the soil structure to determine whether sandy, loam or clay. Observe the area after a storm and see how fast the water drains after the rain stops. The garden will also needs some type of irrigation system. That does not mean you will need an elaborate system professionally installed , a simple as a soaker hose placed on the surface of the stonemason before installing plants would do the trick.

Finally, it is important to avoid any fungal diseases that may affect your plants in the garden. Otherwise, you may need a frequent and repeated spraying with fungicides.

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