Creating Your Eco-Friendly Organic Gardening

Creating Your Eco-Friendly Organic Gardening1

Creating Your Eco-Friendly Organic Gardening1

You have bought a new house, or are in the process of having one built. Maybe you have bought an old house with a minimal garden. It is only natural that your thoughts will turn to how you can create a new garden that will enhance your home and complement your lifestyle. Ideas can come from any number of places. You could start a scrapbook of pictures and plant names and habits. Include in the scrapbook details about garden ornaments, paving types and colors, planting designs and color schemes that catch your eye. If you have children, involve them in this process so they will be interested and cooperative when the time comes; they might even want to have their own patch of ground to develop. Popular choice todays is creating an eco-friendly organic gardening. There are many definitions of what is meant by organic gardening; every garden writer puts their own slant on it. Mary Horsfall (2008) state that organic gardening means:

  • avoiding synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically altered material
  • using open-pollinated seeds where possible
  • using once-living wastes to fertilize and condition the soil via mulch, compost, worm casts and decomposed manures
  • using renewable resources
  • using methods that conserve energy, soil and water
  • ensuring that the soil is not only fertile, but also able to retain moisture
  • encouraging biodiversity, which, in turn, assists the gardener by breaking down wastes and helping control pests
  • observing and encouraging natural biological processes such as decomposition and pollination
  • controlling pests by maintaining soil health, encouraging natural pest–predator relationships and strategically utilizing low-impact sprays.

Seems troublesome? You can consult to the expert! Here, we try to show you some pictures of organic gardening:

pictures of organic gardening
Pictures of Organic Gardening


Eco-friendly Organic Garden
Eco-friendly Organic Garden

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