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what colored vegetable to plant in garden?

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Gardening will take on an entirely new significance when you put these brilliant vegetables in it. Friends and neighbors will be amazed and kids will adore showing off their great garden.

Rainbow Carrots

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Develop red, yellow, orange and purple carrots with kaleidoscope combinations. These carrots retain the exact same tasty sweet flavor you are used to but with a rainbow angle. Kids will adore showing these to relatives and friends.

Purple green beans are as tasty and nutritious as the green variety. Ready to eat when they are full and purple.

Italian Rose Heirloom Legumes

These speckled beauties are as delightful and nutritious as their simple counterparts. Your legumes will change from reddish with white speckles to white with reddish speckles. Cook them up like you’d regular legumes or allow them to dry, shell and use as tough legumes.

Cheddar Cauliflower

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Need to encourage your children to eat some cauliflower? Try this exceptional variety. No, it isn’t cheddar flavored, but the color seems like it is. Maybe your children will be convinced it is better if it is yellowish.

Purple Potatoes

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We have all seen Yukon gold, reddish russets and other shades of potatoes, but you haven’t seen anything until you have seen a purple potato. Friends and family alike will all love this delightful variety.

Need a light flavored unique onion? This assortment may fit the bill. These onions will grow two purple colored balls. Plant in a location where they have room to grow or you will have your whole garden taken over.

Yellowish Zucchini

Tired of the old fashioned green zucchini that appears to multiply like bunnies? Grow this sweeter variety.

Gold Tomatoes

Try growing some gold tomatoes for a change of pace. Pear, cherry and standard sized varieties are all easily accessible. Purple varieties are also accessible for a unique flavor treat.


A bit on the sour side but absolutely delicious. They’re perfect for making salsa.

Lemon Cucumber

Lemon cucumbers have a subtle flavor of lemon in a cucumber. Yellowish in color they look like their green counterparts just rounder. Delicious sliced in a salad or eaten right.

Now that you know some unique colored vegetables to plant you will need to create your own multicolored vegetable garden.

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