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Decorative Tip: Buddha statues for home and garden

Our home is the center of life, from which we get the power we need for our busy day. But so that we can actually fill up our life energies, a home environment is necessary to the peace and warmth radiates and can relax. A stylish ambience with the right accessories will help us to realize this wish. One such accessory is also a Buddha figure on every viewer a certain peace and contentment triggers immediately. This figure radiates peace and harmony in their environment, the effect of one can not escape the long run.

Buddha Carving inside a temple, Luang Prabang, Laos.

How important is a Buddha?

The figure of the Buddha is originally from India and has become a symbol of the religion of Buddhism. A Buddha embodies peace through inner illumination, which is achieved through meditation. Enlightenment in a figurative sense to see things as they really are. This wisdom gives us strength through love and understanding with himself and his environment. Buddha is available in different shapes and gestures, all of which have a religious significance, which we will not go into detail here but. The Buddha has become the European region also became a popular decorating item because the interior designers and facility experts make more and more houses, flats and gardens with flowing energy forms of Asian decorating styles. This figure may be an eye-catcher for every stylish ambience, if they are positioned properly in the room or in the garden.



How valuable is a Buddha?

Buddha is available in different shapes, materials and styles from which you can often lead back, has been produced in which country the Buddha. Also the head and body shape of the Buddha can quickly see if the Buddha from Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia, China and Burma comes. Age, country of manufacture and material affect on the price accordingly. Impressive is always a Buddha statue, which is processed from bronze or brass. The highlight are the gilded Buddha figures will also traded ever upwards of 3,000 euros. But Buddha statues made from wood have your price if you are older and embody a particular style. Do you want to set a precious and valuable Buddha, you should first ask for current and useful information about literature and auctions worldwide.

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