container gardening ideas

The container gardening design allows you to grow everything from flowers to fresh produce in small spaces or limited sunlight areas. Using pots to do your gardening can be done anywhere, your courtyard or indoor. Unfortunately, container gardening sometimes look boring and scarce. With some simple design elements, you can create stunning gardens in a pot for almost any situation.

You can grow your own herbs in pots and give a decorative touch to your kitchen. Containers or pots need to have drainage holes or reserve auto irrigation. Have a variety of shapes and sizes work best. Be creative and you save money by reusing as many pots objects, such as an attractive pan, or bird bath, a tub with claw feet, or desk with drawers open for use as planters.

Buy potting soil or prepare their own. A good mix for container garden design should be light and contain products that retain moisture, such as sawdust, bark or peat. A homemade mixture should contain approximately equal parts peat or substitute sawdust, vermiculite and compost. Buy plants. Choose a variety of plants that require the same levels of humidity and sun to each pot. Buy herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruits that thrive in small sizes selections pots when the plants mature.

Wet the soil mix in a bucket. Fill each pot up to 1 or 2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 cm) from the top. The wet ground is less than if you settle a container filled with dry earth. Separate groups for plants in each pot. Make a mixture of colors, foliage, textures and uses for each group. For example, put a small tomato plant with flowers hanging around, or a group of plants surrounded decorative pepper ivy, planted in the center of zinnias and hanging cucumbers can be used as container garden design.

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