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7 reasons why you should leave your house messy

We all love clean, tidy house. Although messy and dirty houses can be stressful for many of us, sometimes this situation just can’t be helped. Getting frustrated with how messy our house is could make a bad day gets even worse. Here are benefits of just letting our house dirty for a while.


  1. Prevent chore-related resentment: There’s something incredibly wonderful about sleeping in a pristine and immaculate bedroom. But often, we don’t have the energy and time to clean the entire house with our spouse. Both of us could be so busy that we neglect putting socks in the basket and appreciating the cleanliness of our house. In a busy day, we could avoid the usual resentment about our dirty house that can keep us up all night.
  2. We have enough energy and time to do other things: It is obvious that cleaning our house is hard labor and it can be more difficult than convincing our 5-year old to eat his broccoli. There’s a reason why cleaning service could cost much more than the usual childcare. People would immediately climb into bed following a difficult day at the office. They may not even have one hour to clean the house each day, unless it is a weekend. If we have a particularly busy day tomorrow, it is probably better to get some sleep instead of making ourselves more tired with house-related chores.
  3. We can feel reckless and younger: If we remember how we live in early 20’s in the college, a lot of things may have changed. We have more order in our lives. But temporarily letting our house in a messy state could actually be emotionally freeing. We may feel like that we are less restricted with rules and boundaries.
  4. We can have a messy romance: By-the-book sexual encounters in a clean, dim room with slow music could seem rather too usual. Doing this activity in a dirty kitchen or living room may offer couples with an exciting variety to their usual sex life.
  5. We can have a more binding experience: Many marriages eventually devolve into a dreary ping-pong game where spouses take turn to annoy one another for slight domestic infractions. As an example, the husband could neglect removing their dirty, muddy shoes before they enter the house. Wives could also forget to put their wet clothes into the dryer. But if a couple agrees to let their house gets messy for a few days, they could actually stop the usual unhealthy interactions between them.
  6. We will know that a few things can wait: There’s one important perspective we can get by living in a messy house. We would realize that the world won’t stop spinning because we let dirty laundry inside the living room. But, if we don’t empty the trash in the kitchen, it is likely that the whole house will smell like a spoiled tuna casserole the next day. So, we would know what to do and what can wait for a while. Life goes on and such a revelation could do wonder with the way we think about our lives.
  7. We can have more privacy: Many couples over-schedule their social life, with book clubs, card games, football-watching sessions, dinner parties and others. But there are times when we want to spend the week with only our spouse. By keeping our house messy for a while, we would be more reluctant to invite our friends over.

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