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Giving New Life to Old Appliances in Your Kitchen

magenta kitchen with functional shel
Magenta walls in the kitchen
Magenta walls in the kitchen

I don’t know about you, but when I start something, no matter how big, I like to see it all the way through. With that being said, last year when I began the arduous task of renovating my poor, old kitchen, I noticed that my appliances were in need of some desperate help; especially if they were going to fit into my newly contemporary kitchen.

While I spared no expense in my kitchen remodel, I do pride myself on my thriftiness. In other words, I did not see the need in replacing my existing appliances when they perform as they did a few years ago when I purchased them from a consignment sale that my church was hosting.

First things first, I recruited my handyman-of-a-friend and his trusty toolset to do what we guys do best—tinker! However, the task at hand was actually to perform a visual inspection of my appliances to monitor for any leaks, standing water, loose or cracked gaskets, and so on. We did manage to find some standing water, so I began scouring the Internet to figure out what that meant. As it turns out, the “float,” as it is referred to, was just jammed with debris. Anyhow, for those of you looking to breathe new life into your appliances, big or small, the first step is to identify any new or existing problems.

magenta kitchen with functional shel
magenta kitchen with functional shel

Once any problems are identified and remedied, then the creativity can start to come out—which was my area of expertise. For me, the next step was to make my kitchen feel more lively, more vibrant, a place where you actually want to spend time.

large magenta kitchen design
large magenta kitchen design

You see, originally I had plain eggshell-white appliances that just radiated boredom. Since my kitchen was getting a fresh coat of magenta paint, I did what any bold girl would do—I painted my refrigerator magenta! Well, actually, I painted most of my appliances, not just the refrigerator. Now my appliances fit in perfectly with my walls and has definitely become the focal point of the house; plus, one of the main entryways into and out of the house is in the kitchen, so my vibrantly-colored kitchen is the first thing my guests see as they enter and exit my house.

Magenta kitchen design
Magenta kitchen design

I can safely say that my entire kitchen remodel is an expense I’d rather not discuss, but the “reinvention” of my existing appliances was not a major expense at all. In fact, I probably spent about $100.00 (if that) on painting supplies, a few replacement parts, and some plaster for the hole I knocked in the wall when I pulled my refrigerator out. Can somebody pass me a Philips-head?

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